UFC's Kevin Holland has beaten up another online troll & posted the footage

UFC star Kevin Holland has destroyed yet another internet troll who stupidly challenged him to a brawl.

After being trolled by the fan at his meet-and-greet, Dana White‘s Contenders Series graduate received a DM on Instagram from the man, asking him to meet up and fight.

Holland jumped at the opportunity to give the troll a taste of what it’s like to be in battle with a UFC fighter.

The footage of the sparring session was shared with Holland’s 415,000 Instagram followers, and it wasn’t a pretty sight to view.

The UFC star had his way with the troll, who he punished with light punches to the head and torso before choosing the left body kick as his weapon of choice.

To his credit, the troll managed to stay on his feet, but it was clear to everyone that the UFC fighter was taking it easy on him.

Holland landed five unanswered kicks to the midriff before the cameraman and the troll asked him to stop.

The caption accompanying the Instagram post read: “Honestly, I liked this troll way more.

“So this guy at the meet and greet called me Brunson…. later he got an autograph.

“Next day he got the pleasure of being troll number two.

“Dude ended up being respectful so yes I respect him for showing up.”

Many of Holland’s 415,000 followers were quick to comment, with one saying: “Kev about to start his own contender series.”

Another said: “Absolute gold. Who’s next?”

One asked: “Why do people with minimal training like to try Kevin Holland.”

Holland is no stranger to unforgettable interactions with internet trolls, as recent footage showed him choking out a cocky fight fan who thought he was better at jiu-jitsu than him.

Fan favourite Holland is getting ready for a showdown with Alex Oliveira at UFC 272 next month in Las Vegas.

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