Horizon Forbidden West: How to save £10 on the PS5 version of the game

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Horizon Forbidden West has released on PS5 and PS4 this week and we’ve got a cheeky way for you to save some money on the game.

The direct sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will follow Aloy’s quest to unite the frozen worlds of the Forbidden West and fight back against the machines terrorising her people, and the clans within it.

Already a critical darling, Horizon Forbidden West currently sits at 89% on Metacritic, and is rated as the top reviewed PlayStation Five game of the year so far. Per the review aggregator, it has 96 positive reviews and just four mixed reviews, with no negative verdicts. Fifteen of the reviews give the game a perfect score.

A beautiful technical achievement, with graphics that showcase the power of the next-gen console, Forbidden West is also releasing on PS4 and, as a result, there is a cheeky way to save yourself a little bit of cash if you’re intending to buy the game.

How to save money buying Horizon Forbidden West

The game is officially out, so you can jump into the PlayStation Store and get the game bought.

If you want to save yourself £10, though, log into the PS4 store and buy Horizon Forbidden West for £59.99.

The standard PS4 edition includes a free PS5 upgrade, that you can take advantage of now the game has released.

On PS5, however, the game is only available to buy for £69.99, meaning you’ll be saving a nice chunk of change if you buy through the PS4 store. You can also do this on your computer or your mobile phone.

It’s that simple, and is a bit of a no-brainer for gamers who own both consoles; it won’t take long to do, and you’ll have an extra tenner in your account!

The PS5 version also comes with some exclusive features that are not available to players on PS4: You will get the haptic feedback that comes through the DualSense controller, as well as specific audio features, plus the gorgeous visuals coming through in HDR, provided your TV can support it.

There is also the option of buying Horizon Forbidden West’s digital Deluxe version, which costs £79.99 and offers a digital soundtrack, a digital comic book, as well as a variety of in-game items to aid Aloy’s quest.

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