Dying Light 2: How to unlock the Frying Pan of Destiny

The developers of Dying Light 2 will release a Day One Patch.

Dying Light 2 has been released worldwide on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, as well as the last-gen consoles, but how do you go about unlocking the frying pan of destiny?!

The parkour stylings of the game allow you to leap from rooftop to rooftop and murder zombies in all sorts of different ways.

And there are a variety of unlockables that can aid you in your quest to bring down zombie after zombie.

One such item is the frying pan of destiny, which you’ll definitely want because it has an awesome name.

It’s a cool little easter egg that developers Techland have thrown into the game, and there are several of them.

You’ll find nods to Doom, Star Wars, and Super Mario as well as plenty of other clever little references.

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The Pan is one such example and it’s a direct reference to the God of Thunder, Thor.

It works in basically exactly the same way as Mjolnirr, the hammer he wields throughout all of his adventures in the comics and the movies.

It’s a weapon that, if thrown, always returns to you, and while it might not be as powerful as Mjolnirr, it’s still an awesome thing to have.

A screenshot of Dying Light 2.
Credit: Techland

How to unlock the Pan of Destiny

To get the weapon, you’ll have to reach the part of the game where you can play the mission titled ‘Now or Never’.

It involves reaching the renegades stronghold where you take on The Colonel. You do have the option to wait and finish the main story before getting it, because there won’t be any enemies around, but there is a way to gain the weapon within the story.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Cross the wooden bridge and enter the fortress.
  • Walk past the dining table, open the hatch and jump into the water.
  • Get out of the water and go to the top of the fortress.
  • At the top floor, there’ll be a staircase on your right.
  • Climb it and enter the room with the orange tent.
  • You’ll need to find the space rooster named Brunek, who needs a spaceship part to go home. He’s behind the tent in a cage.
  • Interact with Brunek and he’ll give you a side quest entitled “Space Cock” – that will lead to him asking you to get the part for his spaceship.
  • Reach the market and pick the part up.
  • Go back to the fortress and hand it back to Brunek.
  • Brunek then teleports away and leaves behind the blueprint for the Frying Pan of Destiny.

You’ll need 369 scraps to be able to get the Pan, and it’s a fun weapon to use, especially as you can both throw it and use it purely as a melee weapon.

That’s all you need to know!

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