Horizon Forbidden West: How many machines are there to fight?

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has released worldwide on both PS5 and PS4 but how many machines will your hero, Aloy, be fighting throughout the story?

Guerrilla Games’ follow-up to the exceptionally received Horizon Forbidden West has already been drawing critical acclaim from across games media.

As per Metacritic, Horizon Forbidden West has a score of 89 from 101 critic reviews, with 97 of those being positive.

It is subsequently deemed the best reviewed PS5 game of the year and if you manage to snag a copy, you’ll be diving headfirst into the frozen Forbidden West as Aloy looks to unite the numerous tribes and fight back against the machines.

But how many machines are there for you to battle in the beautiful world?

Total number of machines in Horizon Forbidden West

As per PushSquare, who have produced an in-depth guide on the game ahead of its release on Friday, there are a total of 48 machine types for you to battle throughout the world.

The machines are scattered across the world, and some of them will have to be found purely by exploring the world and seeing what you come across, before potentially going into battle.

Provided you equip Aloy with the correct weapons and plan your attacks properly, there isn’t a machine out there that can’t be defeated.

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Of the 43 machine types, Apex machines are the stronger versions of the machines, and have black armour, signifying their extra difficulty.

Elemental machines, by comparison, have elemental attacks that they can throw at you and make your life even more difficult.

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

Of course, Horizon Zero Dawn had a number of machines too, but the guide reveals that 22 of the monsters are new and will not have been fought in the first game, so you’ll have to come out of your comfort zone to beat them.

There is also the potential of visiting cauldrons throughout the game and that will give you the opportunity to actually override certain machines, instead of having to kill them in combat.

It is central to your quest for Aloy to be able to beat those machines who cross your path in the world and exploring is going to be a key theme throughout your playthrough, and the world is also gorgeous, so you’ll surely be discovering plenty of machines on your own.

May you fare well in the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

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