Will Gran Turismo 7 Have Free Roam?

Gran Turismo 7 will feature a number of high performance GT cars in special liveries.

Gran Turismo 7 is just around the corner and many fans of the series are already asking about the possibly of free roam being included.

Sony will be introducing the seventh mainline edition of the classic PlayStation exclusive franchise that has been running since the late 1990s, and arguably helped put the Japanese giants on the gaming map.

Rival title Forza Horizon introduced free roam to their game and is only available for Xbox platforms – but has been absent from the Gran Turismo games so far.

As a result, players are hoping that Sony will take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book and bring introduce free roam into a series that is based from arcade-style modes and track races.

Whether it will be included or not, is the big question, as the days tick closer until the game officially launches, and looks to have bags of potential thanks to the stunning graphics showcased in screenshots and trailers to date.

Sony would be breaking away from their foundations if they did this – so will they, and Polyphony Digital, the game’s developers, respond to their American competitors?

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No Free Roam Details Yet

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot. (Credit: Polyphony)
Gran Turismo 7 screenshot. (Credit: Polyphony)

At the time of writing, no details have been confirmed by the developers regarding whether free roam will be added to Gran Turismo 7.

This could be a head-turner and a gamechanger as far as the series is concerned, but it is unclear whether the series will head in the same direction as Forza.

Whether the developers will opt in for free roam gameplay, remains to be seen, but we suspect that there will be many disappointed gamers if they chose not to go down this route.

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This has been a hotly debated topic on various social networking sites for many years, with players only being able to free roam around a particular track, either than a town, city and country roads that Forza features.

Nevertheless, we will update this article as soon as more details emerge on this topic. Be sure to place a bookmark and come back when more information emerges.

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