TikTok influencer shares ‘creepy’ voicemail from gym employee stalker that stole her phone

TikTokker has phone stolen

An American woman has criticised a gym for allegedly allowing an employee to access her membership details and leave her a “weird” voicemail. 

TikTok user @kenyastephh boasts more than 16,000 followers on the platform and regularly shares videos of her gym workouts. 

Last week, she posted a series of clips on her page, documenting an incident that occurred with a strange member of staff at a gym. 

The initial video, which has now been viewed more than 100,000 times, reads: “I wasn’t even at the gym for more than five min[utes] today and a worker pulled my phone number from my gym pass and called me and left a voicemail. What is wrong w[ith] y’all.

“Guys need to understand that it’s actually scary to do s**t like that.” 

After fans urged the TikTok influencer to share footage of the voicemail, the woman posted a snippet. 

“Hello, this is EOS Fitness… I saw you doing glute spreads,” a man can be heard saying. 

The post itself was captioned: “Friendly reminder to men to please not do things like this. This is very scary, too many weird things happen. I’m sorry for the women and wish this wouldn’t happen. 

“I wasn’t in the room for more than five minutes and I got the call. I always wear a jacket around my waist to avoid this stuff. I was just trying to take some pic[tures] before my workout.”

The woman has since informed the gym’s manager of the voicemail and requested they remove her phone number and name from their database. 

She had only been at the gym as a guest of her friend and said she was standing at the back of the room, so wasn’t even visible. 

Many fans were quick to condemn the man’s actions. One wrote: “In what world did he think this was a good idea?”

Meanwhile, another said: “That is so out of order. I used to work at a gym as a duty manager. If I found someone doing that, I would have them leave immediately.” 

A third put: “Umm that’s stalker behaviour. I hope you let the supervisor or someone know so he doesn’t do it to anyone else. Girl, stay safe.” 

Others revealed they had also suffered similar experiences and stressed that it had made them reluctant to go to the gym anymore. 

“Omg this happened to me and I stopped going for a while,” stated one user. 

Incidents of ‘creepy’ behaviour from men at the gym are seemingly becoming regular occurrences. 

Last year, a woman received praise for standing up to a man who appeared to be looking at her inappropriately. 

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