Will FIFA 23 have a World Cup mode?

Final Italy v France - World Cup 2006

The World Cup is on again this year, but in different circumstances to what we are normally used to, being played in the winter in Qatar in 2022.

This is going to be a very strange World Cup for a lot of fans, who associate the tournament with the summertime. Many questions are being asked about the tournament’s change of schedule, as it’s made things a lot more difficult for club sides.

With this – another thing to question due to the World Cup’s movement is whether FIFA 23 is going to feature a World Cup mode.

FIFA has always taken advantage of the World Cup, with the first mode that was an Ultimate Team extension that involved building a squad consisting of nations and continents being arguably one of the greatest things to ever grace the footballing franchise with its paid add-on in 2014.

They also introduced the same concept back again in FIFA 18 for the Russia World Cup, which was also a roaring success.

They also included a regular kick-off mode as well, where you could try and get to World Cup glory offline with a nation of your choice.

With this – let’s find out whether they’ll be a FIFA 23 World Cup mode.

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UPDATE 3rd November 2022: EA have revealed all in regards to the World Cup modes in FIFA 23! You can check it out right here.

Will FIFA 23 feature a World Cup mode?

Yes – World Cup modes are coming to FIFA 23!

Yes, you heard – modes, which means this year in FIFA, EA are providing us with not just one – but two world-cup modes.

FIFA 23 will contain both the men’s and women’s World Cups, with EA expanding its licensing partnership across all the major leagues to drive and build a single FIFA experience that brings males and females together.

We also know that EA will be bringing a World Cup mode to FIFA Ultimate Team, but not the usual World Cup mode as we’re used to, but the introduction of new cards, SBCs and much more! However, just for the Qatar version, women are not included in Ultimate Team.

The introduction of a women’s World Cup is great for the game, but also great for women’s football in general, with the inclusivity of the sport being much more comparable to that of the men’s game now.

With the Women’s EURO 2022 being a roaring success, let’s hope the inclusivity of women’s football is something we see a lot more of in sports games in the future. The game is certainly on the rise, that’s for sure.

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