Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ronaldo Nazario: Thierry Henry names the 'real Ronaldo'

It so happens that two of the best players to have ever played football are both called Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Nazario cemented his greatness with some quite unbelievable performances in the late 90s and early 00s.

The Brazilian forward was virtually unplayable during his early years at football.

He was incredible for PSV, scintillating in his only season at Barcelona and then terrific during his early days at Inter Milan.

Sadly, two horrific injuries during his time at Inter hindered him somewhat and, although he was able to return and still played at a very high level, he wasn’t quite the same.

Still, at his very best he was quite extraordinary and is quite rightly viewed as one of the greatest ever.

When Ronaldo Nazario was at the end of his career, Cristiano Ronaldo came along.

25 Mar 1998: Portrait of Ronaldo of Brazil before the International friendly against Germany at the Neckarstadion in Stuttgart in Germany. Brazil won 2-1. \ Mandatory Credit: Mark Thompson /Allsport

The Portuguese superstar has since become the greatest goalscorer of all-time, notching over 800 career goals, shattered record-after-record and won five Ballon d’Or titles.

He’s still going strong at the age of 37.

But who is the ‘real Ronaldo?’

Thierry Henry was working as a pundit for CBS Sports this week covering the Champions League action.

And he was in absolutely no mood to argue when dubbing Ronaldo Nazario as the real Ronaldo. Henry went off after Jamie Carragher asked him if he ever asked anyone to swap shirts during his time as a footballer.

“Ronaldo. R9. The Real Ronaldo,” Henry replied. “For me, how many Ronaldo’s did you know growing up?”

Carragher contested: “The real one? To call him the ‘real Ronaldo’ now when we’ve got Cristiano…”

Henry then said: “Ronaldo is R9. Cristiano is Cristiano Ronaldo…”

Carragher and Micah Richards burst into laughter as Henry sat there deadly serious. It’s clear he isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers…

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