Elden Ring Becomes One of the Best Reviewed Games of All-Time

A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring is officially one of the highest-rated games in history, according to Metacritic.

Reviewers across the entire gaming community have had the opportunity first-hand to try out FromSoftware’s all-new fantasy action-adventure RPG.

Some of the top games of all time see the likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, The Legend of Zelda and numerous Grand Theft Auto titles towards the top of the charts.

With the state in which some new releases have emerged over the past six months, to some, it may have seemed unlikely that an all-time great title would have unveiled itself from the depths.

However, FromSoftware appeared to have pulled it out of the bag with Elden Ring, with respective sites overjoyed with what they saw and witnessed from it.

Elden Ring Metacritic

The plaudits from several gaming websites have been across the board. At the time of writing, 45 critic reviews have been submitted to Metacritic.

Every single review that has been sent, has been positive, and as a result, a Metascore of 97 has been awarded to Elden Ring. This is almost a perfect score and places the game 18th on their all-time list.

This was specifically for the PlayStation 5 version of Elden Ring, with other versions for respective platforms scoring almost identically.

One of the reviewers that gave the game a perfect 100 score was the Daily Star, who said the following about Elden Ring:

“It’s lore always feels epic, but is ultimately hardcore fantasy nonsense and what’s going to keep you in Elden Ring for the long run is the amount to discover and the versatility and challenge at every turn.

“It has been equal parts a pleasure and hell to play Elden Ring. Because this is an amazing game and the developers have built a mind-boggling but nightmarish world to live and fight in. But it’s also one incredibly tough cookie from the off, and – casual gamers beware – you’ll have a lot of frustrating setbacks as you slowly progress as a warrior. Another wonderful video game for 2022. It’s already becoming a top year for consoles.”

VGC, GAMINGbible and TheGamer also gave Elden Ring a score of 100 with the lowest mark given was still a highly respectable 90.

As mentioned, these sorts of reviews have been unheard of over the past year or so, and could change how new fantasy RPGs are developed in the future, likely to take heavy inspiration from the excellent work that FromSoftware have done with Elden Ring.

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