Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson: 8 fellow strongmen offer their predictions

Eddie Hall is being backed by his fellow strongmen to knockout Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson when they meet next month. 

The pair are set to fight on March 19 in Dubai finally settling their long-running feud. They will fight under the super-heavyweight division. 

Six out of the eight from the gargantuan group that spoke to Muscle and Health believe that Hall will KO his opponent when they meet. 

They think that ‘The Beast’ will have too much raw power and will be able to do the job on Bjornsson. Bjornsson however already has experience in the ring and therefore could help him in the fight. 

Adam Bishop, who was Britain’s strongest Man in 2020 said: “My money would be on Eddie. While Thor has the reach and looks like a technical boxer, I think this fight is going to turn into a proper old suit-up. 

“Having known Eddie for a long time, I can attest for how stubborn and focused he is when he puts his mind to something. He goes all in. He’ll be well prepared and gunning for this fight.”

Eddie Hall is looking good and ready!

Here’s what other strongest men from around the world had to say. 

Nine times Canada’s Strongest Man, JF Caron had to say: “My money is on Eddie because he’s a fighter in his mind. Thor is afraid.”

Jerry Pritchett, 2017 America’s Strongest Man stated: “I’m with Eddie all the way! I believe he’s kept more size and strength alongside his boxing training, which will pay off.

Hafthor Bjornsson has undergone quite the transformation

“I think Eddie is just meaner and more aggressive.”

Finally, Travis Ortmayer who was a strongest man competitor and now coach went on to say:

“In the beginning, I would’ve said Eddie straight away, but he has given Thor so much time to get better that it’s pretty open. Thor’s starting to look pretty dangerous. 

“If Thor can withstand the early barrage of heaving hitting for Eddie, I think he’ll will. But I don’t know if he’s quite there yet and Eddie’s cardio is pretty strong. I think Eddie is going to take this.”

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