World's Scariest Man vs Iranian Hulk: Brawl breaks out during face-off

In preparation for their fight, Martyn Ford and Sajad Gharibi have faced off in person for the first time, and let’s just say it got heated very quickly.

Ford, who is dubbed the World’s Scariest Man, has began preparation for his fight against the Iranian social media icon, dubbed the Iranian Hulk, which is sure to be an interesting spectacle, and this was assured as the Minworth-born star towered over his opponent with a six-inch advantage on his side.

During the face-off between both fighters, they got uncomfortably close together and exchanged words, which then led to Ford losing his patience and launching Gharibi across the room, once again showing the immense amount of strength he possesses.

The same footage also shows Gharibi charging towards the towering presence of Ford in an attempt to take him to the ground. Ford simply shrugged the attempt off before surrounding personnel intervened to try and relieve the situation.

It’s been dubbed a bout between two of ‘the world’s scariest men’ and it’s one we cannot wait for.

These two absolute monstrous fighting machines are set to go head-to-head inside the ring on April 2, 2022, at the O2 Arena in London.

Unsurprisingly, before their first face-to-face encounter, a level of mud-slinging on social media has occurred which has included an obscure training video posted by the Iranian Hulk of him punching concrete walls, ripping apart melons and bending metal with a sledgehammer.

After posting footage of his training online via Instagram, his unusual training techniques have been questioned by less than impressed fans.

Ford has also publicly apologised and has described the training as ‘embarrassing’ and has ensured fans that the fight they are expecting is a ‘real fight.’

He told Mirror Fighting: “I was embarrassed, genuinely embarrassed.

“People ask me if this is a real fight or if this is some kind of WWE fight. And yes of course it is 100 percent this is going off.”

This fight is hugely anticipated and rightfully so, who doesn’t want to see these two go at each other?

Let’s just hope that both fighters are taking this bout seriously.

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