Epic Seven Patch Notes March 3rd 2022: Everything We Know So Far

Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a free-to-play 2D RPG that is currently available on iOS and Android platforms, but what is included in the March 3rd 2022 update to the game?

The originally Super Creative developed game sees players explore the epic title’s world through the adventure mode, which is brimming with anime cutscenes that detail the game story and individual special attacks.

Updates for the popular mobile title for iOS and Android are released frequently, with changes and quality of life fixes implemented.

Here’s everything we know so far regarding the latest version of Epic Seven, including the leaks, updates and patch notes.

Patch Notes

Here are the Patch Notes as officially revealed by the developers

1. Guild War Resolution Season Begins

The pre-season will come to an end and the Resolution Season will begin.

Advance with your trusty guild members to be the best!

■ Resolution Season Schedule

1. Schedule: 3/5 (Sat) UTC ~ TBD

※ This schedule is subject to change.

※ The schedule for the ending of the Guild War Resolution Season will be announced at a later time.

2. Guild War Starting and Ending Schedule

– The Guild War will start and end at the server reset time for each server, three times a week.
  ㄴ Global: 10:00 UTC

  ㄴ Europe: 03:00 UTC

  ㄴ Korea/Asia: 18:00 UTC

※ Guild War Battle Logs will be deleted after the update.

■ Guild War – Guild Shop Change Preview

After the 3/3 (Thu) maintenance, the Member Shop will have some items discounted and new items added.

CategoryItemCostPurchase Limit
Discount  Gold Transmit Stone x1   Commander’s Armband x600 → 300 Available 1 time → 2 times a month
New Items  Mystic Medal x50   Commander’s Armband x200 Available once a week
  Breezy Earth Connection x1   Commander’s Armband x100 Available 5 times a month
  Fierce Fire Connection x1   Commander’s Armband x100 Available 5 times a month
  Frosty Ice Connection x1   Commander’s Armband x100 Available 5 times a month

※ For this Guild War Resolution Season, no new Guild Artifacts will be added to the Member Shop.

※ Purchase limit resets every Monday and every first of the month for all servers according to each server reset time.

   – Asia/Korea Server: 18:00 UTC

   – Europe Server: 03:00 UTC

   – Global Server: 10:00 UTC

※ Purchase limit of Gold Transmit Stone resets on 3/3 (Thu) after the maintenance.

   Players who purchase Gold Transmit Stone after the 3/1 (Tue) server reset and before the 3/3 (Thu) maintenance will be able to purchase more on 3/3 (Thu) after the maintenance.

■ Guild War Conviction Season Rewards

[Guild War Conviction Frame Distribution Schedule]

– An exclusive frame will be distributed after the Guild War Resolution Season begins based on the ranking achieved in the Conviction Season.

– This frame will be distributed to Guilds, and not to individual players, which will make your Guild Emblem look incredible!

Rewarded to those who placed in the Guild War Conviction Season Hall of Fame
Rewarded to those who placed 4th to 30th in the Guild War Ranking
Rewarded to those who placed 31st to 100th in the Guild War Ranking

[Hall of Fame]

– The Guild War Conviction Season Hall of Fame will be opened.

– You can view the top 3 Guilds by going to Guild > Battlefield > Guild War > War Ranking.

※ When determining the ranking of Guilds with equal War Points in the Hall of Fame, the members’ battle results will be used as a secondary condition.

■ Guild War Improvements

[Weekly Mission Improvements]

1. Changed Guild Weekly Mission Structure and UI

   – Guild members can receive rewards after completing objectives by working together.

   – Obtainable rewards are changed after completing Guild objectives. (Honor Coins ▶ Guild Points)

2. Guild Point

   – Completing Order’s Weekly Missions will award Guild members Guild Points. (A maximum of 125 points per Guild member)

   – All members can receive rewards when the total Guild Points reaches point milestones.

   – Guild Points awarded to each member will be instantly accumulated in the total point. Members’ leaving and joining Guilds will not affect the total point.

3. Order’s Weekly Mission Difficulty

   – The two Adventure Point acquisition missions in Order’s Weekly Missions will be merged into one.

     ㄴ The Adventure Point acquisition mission will only be given in the Episode 1 region.

   – New missions that can be completed along with regular gameplay will be added.

New Missions
      Acquire 20 Weapons
      Acquire 20 Helms
      Acquire 20 pieces of Armor
      Acquire 20 Necklaces
      Acquire 20 Rings
      Acquire 20 Pairs of Boots
      Raise Phantasma in the Forest of Souls 5 times
      Raise Penguin in the Forest of Souls 5 times
      Battle alongside a Supporter
      Clear Urgent Missions
      Open a Treasure Chest in Adventure
      Use a Goddess Statue in Adventure
      Enter a Golden Goblin Chamber in Adventure
      Eliminate Boss Monsters in Adventure
      Eliminate Monsters in Adventure

※ The Weekly Mission Difficulty will be changed when it resets after Heirs complete the missions.


– The Hall of Fame and Season Reward pop-up windows can now be closed by tapping them.

– The composition of Guild > Donate page will be changed.

2. Episode 4-4. East Khan Update

The group of Heroes heads to Khan, the land of Suin to deter a war coming upon Natalon. However, they end up being separated due to the discriminating policy splitting Suin and Humans. 

The group safely enters Khan, but due to a series of events Adin and Hwayoung are separated from the group and the rest of the group is coercively invited to the castle.

Episode 4, Chapter 4, East Khan will be unlocked.

■ East Khan

[How to Enter]

Complete 3-10. Autumn Breeze Plain in Episode 4.

[Map Layout]

– Chapter 4, East Khan, consists of 10 main stages including Labyrinth type stages and 6 optional stages.


– Chapter 4, East Khan, has a total of 10 Quests that players will be able to complete.

– After clearing all 10 Quests in the chapter, players will receive a 4★ Artifact Summon Ticket.

■ East Khan – AP Exchange

– Completing stages in East Khan will grant the player AP which can be used in this area’s AP Exchange.

[AP Exchange Open Conditions]

Clear Stage 4-10. Worn Crossroads

[How to Use]

– Players can receive AP in East Khan and exchange their AP for items in the AP Exchange.

– There is a limit to the number of times players can purchase certain items in the Exchange Shop.

■ Awakened Adin

– Completing stage 4-10. Worn Crossroads in East Khan will unlock missions for Awakened Adin in Chapter 4.

– Clearing all missions in Chapter 4 will award players Awakened Adin, Verdant Adin.

■ Monster

– New 2★ monsters will be added.

    Khan Imperial Soldier    Fire    Khan Imperial Scout
    Ice    Khan Imperial Guard
    Light    Khan Imperial Elite Guard
    Resistance    Fire    Resistance Fighter
    Ice    Resistance Assassin
    Light    Resistance Zealot
    Mana Lamp    Fire    Scout Mana Lamp
    Ice    Guard Mana Lamp
    Light    Elite Mana Lamp

■ Story Journal

– Chapter 4, The Place where Fates Collide will be added to Story Journal > Episode 4.

– The background “Khan Palace” will be awarded for completing Episode 4, Chapter 4.

3. Awakened Adin, Verdant Adin

Completing all Awakened Adin missions in Episode 4, Chapter 4 unlocks Awakened Adin.

Adin will be awakened to Verdant Adin, and Lightning Bolt will be changed into Gliding Slash.


■ Verdant Adin

[Specialty Change – New Skill Information] 

■ Awakening Adin

– Completing all Awaken Adin missions in Chapter 4 in Episode 4 will unlock an Earth elemental Awakened Adin, Verdant Adin.

– Unlocked Adins will be displayed in Awakened Adin.

■ Skill Tree

– Same with Specialty Change Heroes, players can open the Skill Tree for unlocked Awakened Adins in the Awakening menu. 

– Runes can be enhanced in the Skill Tree. Doing so will consume elemental Runes.

– The Runes are obtainable from Awakened Adin missions.

[Rune Enhancement]

The effects are based on Runes at max enhancement.

* Recreation Rune – Speed increases by 5.

* Courage Rune – Effectiveness increases by 20%.

* Unity Rune – Increases Critical Hit Chance of all allies by 7%.

* Thorn Rune – Increases damage dealt by Ankle Cut by 10%.

* Wedge Rune – When using Ankle Cut, has a 60% chance to decrease Speed of the enemy for 2 turns.

* Sun Rune – Increases damage dealt by Gliding Slash by 10%.

* Infection Rune – When using Blade Gust, increases unable to be buffed effect chance against Elite or Boss monsters by 20%.

* Speed Rune – When inflicting a critical hit with Gliding Slash, has a 100% chance to decrease skill cooldown of Gliding Slash by 1 turn.

* Health Rune – Decreases damage suffered by the caster from Elite or Boss monsters by 15%. When more than one damage reduction effect is granted, only the strongest effect is applied.

* Harvest Rune – When using Blade Gust, has a 100% chance to dispel one buff from the target. (This effect is applied before inflicting unable to be buffed)

■ Hero Journal

– Verdant Adin will be added to Hero Journal > Specialty Change > Star Genealogy.

4. Special Side Story, Game of Princes – Week 2

Vivian somehow ended up in a different world.

She helps Prince Kawerik, the eldest prince of the Kingdom of Kastamir, to get rid of his political enemies and uncover any conspiracies…

The second week of the special Side Story, Game of Princes begins now.

■ Schedule

3/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/17 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ How to Enter

Clear 10-10. Shrieking Hall in Episode 1

■ Game of Princes Details

   Week 1   First Case File   2/24 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 3/17 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
   Week 2   Second Case File   3/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/17 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
   Week 3      Third Case File    3/10 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 3/17 (Thu) 02:59 UTC 

[Basic Rules]

– In the Special Side Story, Game of Princes, players will find the princes’ weak points to defeat them.

– Game of Princes consists of 3 chapters where players will collect and use clues in battles against the princes.

– Players can complete stages by carrying out investigations.

– Use the collected clues to make the princes agitated during the battle against them.

– If you fail in perturbing the princes, you will not be able to defeat them and will lose the battle.

– Completing all stages for each week will grant the player special illustrations.

[Week 2 Event Currency]

   [Suspicious Letter]

   Someone’s conspiracy might be written on it.

※ Players can collect different event currency each week.

※ Story Stages do not provide Event currency.

[Enhanced Heroes]

    Lead Hero Buff, Attack, Health
    – 30% Increase
    Vivian, Kawerik
   Attack, Heath – 30% Increase   Tywin, Ervalen, Ras, Otillie, Tenebria, Luna,
   Adventurer Ras

※ Enhanced heroes will have increased stats in the side story stages.

※ Lead Hero Buff: The Heroes will become 6★, fully Awakened, and have all of their skills enhanced to +15.

[Enhanced Artifacts]

※ Players may equip the event Artifacts during the event period for free.

■ Week 2 Information

[Stage Progress]

– In the Special Side Story, Game of Princes, players will collect clues for cases and resolve situations to help Kawerik ascend to the throne.

[Case Files]

– Use Case Files to carry out investigations.

– Completing certain cases will leave you clues that can be used in battles against the princes.

– Use the collected clues to perturb the princes in Judgment Stage.

[Final Stage]

– In the Final Stage, players will be battling against the princes, selecting dialogues.

① Players will be choosing answers to the given questions.

② Players can collect clues in advance to narrow down the options.

– Each time the player selects the proper dialogue, the Boss will be weakened and the player will come closer to a win. If not, the player will end up facing a loss.

[Story Stages]

– Story Stages do not require Energy to enter and do not have any battles.

– Story Stages do not provide Event currency.

[Stage Difficulty]

– Players can choose various difficulties on 11. Showdown Stage.

– Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing 11. Showdown Stage.

– Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.

– As the difficulty progresses, the amount of Energy needed to play will increase as well as the amount of event currency earned.

– Hell difficulty can be played up to 5 times during the side story period.


– Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Suspicious Letter, for items in the Exchange.

– Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. Unused event currency after that period will then be deleted.

5. Specialty Change, Vigilante Leader Glenn

This Specialty Change will be available for the 3★ Hero Glenn, allowing a specialty change for him to Vigilante Leader Glenn.

Heroes who undergo a Specialty Change will have changes in their illustration, skills, and skill animations.

Also, their skills and stats can be enhanced further via the Skill Tree.


■ Vigilante Leader Glenn

[Specialty Change – New Skill Information]

■ How to Unlock Specialty Change Quests

– Complete 10-10. Shrieking Hall in Episode 1

– Have Glenn Lv. 30

■ How to Complete a Specialty Change

– From the Lobby, go to the Hero menu > Specialty Change > Glenn > Start Specialty Change Quest

– Complete three Specialty Change Quests and a Trial Battle.

– After completing a Specialty Change, the Hero’s appearance and skills will change, and the Hero cannot be reverted to their previous state.

■ Skill Tree

– Heroes that go through a Specialty Change can be enhanced further via the Skill Tree. 

– Runes can be enhanced in the Skill Tree. Doing so will consume elemental Runes.

[Rune Enhancement]

The effects are based on Runes at max enhancement.

* Achievement Rune – Increases Attack by 15%.

* Health Rune – Increases Health by 10%.

* Trust Rune – Increases Dual Attack chance by 2%.

* Courage Rune – After using Limiter Release, has a 100% chance to dispel one debuff from the caster.

* Unity Rune – Increases Hit Chance of Quick Shot by 15%.

* Wealth Rune – Increases Hit Chance of all allies by 5%.

* Obscurity Rune – After using Quick Fire, increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 15%.

* Wedge Rune – Increases damage dealt by Precise Attack by 10%.

* Restraint Rune – When attacking an Ice elemental enemy that is not an Elite or Boss monster, increases damage dealt by 25%.

* Harvest Rune – When an enemy is defeated by Precise Attack, has a 100% chance to extend the caster’s buff durations by 1 turn.

6. Tywin & Crown of Glory Drop Rate Up

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Ice Elemental Knight, Tywin, who decreases the enemy’s defense, greatly weakening their survivability and strengthening his allies. Players can also obtain the Knight exclusive Artifact, Crown of Glory, which increases the caster’s defense and removes a set number of Souls from the enemy when the caster suffers an attack that targets all allies.

■ Schedule

3/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/10 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

7. The Book of Memories, So the Roses May Bloom Update

The Special Side Story, So the Roses May Bloom will be added to The Book of Memories.

This Side Story is purchasable with Skystone and purchased Side Stories will have no requirements for entry.

■ Location

– Battle > Move to the Book of Memories or Battle > Side Story > The Book of Memories banner

■ How to Unlock

– Clear Episode 2 Chapter 10 stage 10-10. Twisted Core

■ So the Roses May Bloom Cost

900 Skystone

■ Story Progress and Stages

– This story will have the basic mechanics of other Side Stories.

– Players can replay stories via Story Replay on the main screen of the Special Side Story after clearing the purchased Special Side Story.

– Choices are not included in Story Replay and a set path will be provided.

– Players can receive the rest of the rewards upon reaching ‘Record Complete’ after clearing the story and achievements. Players will not be able to enter the Side Story map again.

– Stage Missions and rewards are not included in Special Side Stories purchased via <The Book of Memories>.

– Goblin Gates are not included in Special Side Stories purchased via <The Book of Memories>.

– Goblin and MolaGora Challenge stages and multi-difficulty stages are not included in Special Side Stories purchased via <The Book of Memories>.

■ Main Reward

– 4★ Artifact Love Potion

※ The AP Exchange is not included in Special Side Stories purchased via <The Book of Memories>.

■ Chronicles

※ So the Roses May Bloom will be added to The Book of Memories > See Chronicles.

■ Illustrations

– Players can see illustrations obtained from The Book of Memories > So the Roses May Bloom in Story Replay.

8. World Arena: Entry Requirements and New Mock Battle Mode Update

Entry requirements will be adjusted, and a Round mode will be added to Mock Battle in World Arena.

■ Entry  Requirements

Entry requirements for World Arena will be adjusted as follows. 

LevelAccount Rank 60 or aboveAccount Rank 60 or above
The No. of Heroes    Own at least 4 of 2★ (or higher) Heroes    of each class    (Material Heroes not eligible /    A total of 24 Heroes)    Own at least 5 of 2★ (or higher) Heroes    of each class    (Material Heroes not eligible /    A total of 30 Heroes)

■ Creating Room with Round Mode

Round Mode is now available in World Arena > Mock Battle > Create Room.

■ Round Mode Rules

– In Round mode, the Moderator will select an option among Single Round, 2 out of 3, and 3 out of 5 for the match.

– Each battle participant will select one Hero for Pre-ban every round.

  ㄴ The banned Heroes in previous rounds will stay unavailable in the next rounds.

– After the first round, the player who lost the round will select their pick order for the next round.

– The round win and lose count can be found on the top of the screen during battle.


– Mock Battle Round Mode in World Arena allows players to pause the battle. (During selecting a Pre-ban Hero and battle)

– The battle participants and Moderator can pause the match by tapping the Pause option on the menu.

[Resume Battle]

– While the match is paused, the battle participants and Moderator can resume the battle after a 3-second countdown by tapping the Resume Battle option on the menu.

– Resume Battle button becomes available only when all players are online. 

[End Battle]

-The battle participants can end the current round by tapping End Battle. The player who ended the round will lose the round.

– The Moderator can also end the current round by selecting one player as a winner of the round or leaving it as a draw.

■ Rules on Participants Disconnected

– When one of the players or the Moderator is disconnected during the battle, the match pauses immediately.

   ㄴ If the Moderator or the player reenters the battle within the set period, the match will resume.

   ㄴ While the Moderator is disconnected, the two players can withdraw from the match and move to the battle result page.

   ㄴ While a player is disconnected, the Moderator can end the match deciding the match result.

– If the player or Moderator suffering disconnection does not return within 10 minutes, the system forces the match to end.

   ㄴ The match result will be finalized according to the current round win and lose count.

– If the Moderator suffering disconnection does not return within 10 minutes, the system forces the match to end, and a player will become the Moderator.

   (Based on the time of entry into the room) 

■ Other

– The maximum number of players in a Mock Battle will increase from 20 to 50.

– When connecting to the game after getting disconnected during a Mock Battle, a pop-up page that redirects to the Mock Battle room will appear.

  Re-connecting from another device will prevent this, and the player will have to return to the room manually. (within 10 minutes)

– During the re-entry period (10 minutes), the disconnected player will not be able to play other content. 

9. Other Improvements and Adjustments

■ Shop

– Item names will be added to some of the rewards of packs.

■ Chat Restrictions

– In order to prevent spamming, illegal promotions, and phishing, the Account Rank required for in-game chat will increase. 

   ㄴ Players at Account Rank 10 and above will be able to use in-game chat.

■ Heroes and Artifacts

–  Improvements will be made in Memory Imprint information.

  ㄴ Memory Imprint item will be added to Hero sorting conditions.

  ㄴ Details panel for Heroes in Waiting Room will include Memory Imprint information.

  ㄴ The Lock icon will be moved to the top to allow for space for Memory Imprint information.

– The order of the substat descriptions for some Heroes will be corrected.

■ Ancient Inheritance

– An issue in Ancient Inheritance where monster level icons were out of the position after panning the screen to other areas and panning back to the player’s location, will be fixed.

■ Other

– When completing a multi-difficulty stage if the player cannot play the next difficulty, “Limited Entry” will be marked on the Next Difficulty button.

– An issue in Secret Shop where after a loading delay the descriptions of previous items were displayed after the Shop refreshes will be fixed.

-An issue where the text Go and Cannot Move overlapped when the player could not enter certain regions for Reputation missions, will be fixed.

– An issue where Choose Quantity scroll did not work properly when opening Selection Chests in bulk, will be fixed.

– An issue where the maintenance notice screen was not displayed properly when the app is run on Galaxy Fold 2 and 3, will be fixed.

– An issue on iOS devices where the app crashed when tapping the screen right before the end of a video in the game, will be fixed.


Website e7Leaks usually has information for players ahead of the official launch of a new patch. Thankfully, they have come through again and provided fans with the following leaks regarding the upcoming patch:

  • Episode 4 – Chapter 4, East Khan
  • Adin’s Awakening (Skill Tree) (Tied to Chapter 4)

Here’s some of the content that has been released in the last month or so of Epic Seven updates:

Feb 24, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – New Mystic Rotation: Arbiter Vildred & Bad Cat Armin (with 4★ Pity System) [Intro]
  • Official – New Hero Banner: Hwayoung + Indestructible Gaiters [Intro]
  • Official – New Side Story: The Will of the Strong
  • Official – New Valentine’s Day Side Story: Game of Princes – Week 1
  • Official – Hero Banner: Kawerik + Black Hand of the Goddess
  • Official – End of World Arena Season 6 (on following Saturday – 12 week season)
  • Official – Powder Shop Refresh

Feb 17, 2022 [Patch Note] Maintenance

  • Official – Hero Balance Adjustment [Dev Note]
  • Official – Rerun: Valentine’s Day Special Side Story – Seven Sweethearts – Chapters 3 & 4
  • Official – Epic Pass – Spring 2022 is Coming! (Vivian Skin) [Skin Preview]
  • Official – Ancient Inheritance – Guild PvE (opens on following Monday)
  • Official – Hero Banner: Vivian + Dignus Orb
  • Official – Hero Banner: Iseria + Song of Stars

Feb 10, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – Rerun: Valentine’s Day Special Side Story – Seven Sweethearts – Chapters 1 & 2
  • Official – Hero Banner: Eda + Twilight Calamity
  • Official – Hero Banner: Celine + Secret Art – Storm Sword

Feb 3, 2022 [Patch Note] Maintenance

  • Official – New Mystic Rotation: Lionheart Cermia & Watcher Schuri [Intro]
  • Official – Hero Banner: Pavel + Dux Noctis

Jan 27, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – New Hero Banner: Peira + Goblet of Oath [Intro]
  • Official – New Side Story: The Path of Vengeance

Jan 20, 2022 [Patch Note] Maintenance

  • Official – New Exclusive Equipments (Tenebria, Melissa, Great Chief Khawana) (8 week cycle)
  • Official – New Guardian: Kazran (January) [Preview]
  • Official – Expeditions: Open Recruitment
  • Official – Limited Hero Banner: Cerise + Guiding Light
  • Official – Hero Banner: Charles + Justice for All

Jan 13, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – Side Story: Thuggish Angel Roseria
  • Official – Hero Banner: Cermia + Border Coin
  • Official – Hero Banner: Cecilia + Rise of a Monarch
  • Official – Powder Shop Refresh

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