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Lost Ark offers players a plethora of content, such is the nature of the grindy free-to-play MMORPG that has been taking Steam by storm, but how exactly do players unlock Boss Rush?

Boss Rush is a mode that allows you to head into a dungeon and take on a variety of bosses in epic battles.

Of course, there are huge rewards on offer if you do manage to win the battles and get to the end of the quest.

Players across the world have been totally enraptured by the release of Lost Ark, and it has peaked at 1.3 million concurrent players, becoming the second-most played game in the history of the app. Only PUBG, the MMO military shooter that was the precursor for the likes of Warzone and Fortnite, has ever recorded more concurrent players.

Plenty of gamers will want to know how to get Boss Rush unlocked and how to win… we’ve put a guide together for you.

How to unlock Boss Rush on Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Now, first of all, it has to be said that you need to reach level 50 to be able to unlock the mode.

The game starts you out at level 10 and you should hit level 50 long before you finish the main questline in the game.

Boss Rush is one of the hardest things you can do in the game and is available for Tier 2 onwards.

The dungeon will be generated and you’ll fight 15 random waves of bosses.

Now, it should be said here that you could come across any bosses in the game, from those you encounter at the start of the game to those you’ve not actually seen before.

It isn’t a solo activity either, as you’ll need to find a group and have a combined level of 802 to be able to go into the dungeon and start taking the bosses on.

When you’re in, the waves of enemies will come at you and the mission is simple: beat them before the time runs out.

What are the time limits?

Lost Ark

Killing the bosses as quickly as you can is the main challenge and is a key reason why Boss Rush is so difficult.

For stage 1-4, you’ll have a single minute per wave.

Stage 5-9 gives you one minute and 30 seconds per wave.

Stage 10-15 gives you two minutes and 30 seconds per wave.

As expected, the longer you go on, the more difficult the bosses get, and the waves will spawn more and more bosses.

What do you get?

This is the key thing, isn’t it? There’s no real point doing Boss Rush if you’re not going to get some pretty cool rewards but rest assured, you will.

More often than not, you’ll gain access to a chest that will give you upgrade materials and gems.

Where can you find Boss Rush?

Here's everything you need to know about the Lost Ark System Requirements

There’s a specific Boss Rush entrance statue in every major city in the game.

Get an entrance ticket – you can find it in either Chaos Dungeons or Guild Exchange Vendors – while, as we mentioned, you’ll need a group level of 802 to enter the Hall of Silence; the Hall of the Sun requires a higher level of 1,302.

In the Hall of Silence, the reward breakdown is as follows.

  • Stage 1-3: Life Leap Stone (2), Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 4-6: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 1, Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 7-10: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 2, Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 11-15: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 3, Eternity Essence Card

In the Hall of the Sun, the reward breakdown is as follows.

  • Stage 1-5: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 1, Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 6-8: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 2, Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 9-10: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 3, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 11: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 4, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 12-14: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 5, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 15: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 6, Great Honor Leap Stone

That’s your lot when it comes to Boss Rush. It’s a real challenge; but get a good group of mates together and you can surely get to the end of the grind!

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