Elden Ring: How to beat Margit the Fell Omen

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the best-reviewed games in history but how, exactly, do you go about beating Margit the Fell Omen, one of the first un-skippable bosses you come up against?

Players jumping into the game will, of course, have to face a first boss within the first few minutes but you aren’t meant to win that fight.

Once you’re killed – for the first time of many – you’ll respawn in a cave, there will be a cinematic, and you’ll have to fight your way out.

Now, when you get out of the cave, you’ll be greeted with the rolling hills and supreme freedom of Limgrave.

There will be a cinematic or two, and then you’ll be given the chance to explore.

When you’re heading towards Stormveil Castle, the huge and incredible accessible building, you’ll run into Margit The Fell Omen.

He’s a big bad, and he wants your blood. It’s one of the very first bottlenecks in the game; you can’t go any further and access the castle until you find a way to beat him.

However, it’s a remarkably tough boss battle that will likely have you tearing your hair out if you’re not at the right level, or if you’re not correctly equipped.

Here’s our guide on how to beat Margit

It should be noted here that there are two phases to the fight with Margit.

You’ll know when the second phase starts, as Margit will summon a golden hammer and start swinging it towards you. These attacks are both devastating and difficult to dodge, so keep a very close eye on when he is swinging at you.

With that said, it’s not easy to just wander in and beat Margit; you’ll need to have a relatively strong character with a fair few special items.

First of all, we’d recommend that you’re over level 20 if you’re going to beat Margit, while you’ll also need at least one summon – if you can bring in either the pack of wolves or the octopus to help you, you’ll find the fight a smidge easier.

You’ll want to have boosted your base weapon to at least a +3 too.

Also, try to get yourself a reasonably powerful long-range weapon, so you can deal damage from afar.

One of the most important items you can unlock is Margit’s Shackle, which can be bought from a vendor inside Murkwater Cave. It’s 5,000 runes, which is a fair amount, but it’s a very strong item that stuns Margit when used, allowing you to get some big hits in during the battle.

Here’s our guide.

Phase one

Elden Ring is scheduled to be released in January 2022.

Assuming you’ve got Margit’s Shackle, use it to stun the enemy in the first phase. You can only use it twice, and it isn’t available to you in the second phase of the fight.

If you don’t have the shackle, make sure you’re rolling late to avoid Margit’s attacks. It’s best to roll to the right, or towards Margit, which may seem counterintuitive, but can leave him vulnerable to attacks.

Don’t roll early, as Margit can hold his attacks and catch you when you roll. When you do have the chance to attack, use either charged strong attacks or jumping strong attacks, which will chip away at his armour.

When the armour breaks, there’ll be a booming sound, and you’ll be able to land a devastating hit.

If he does jump at you, there will be a small window of opportunity when he lands to hit him but be sure that you’re not in range of the shock his jump gives out.

If you’re feeling very brave, there is the option of using parries with your shield. These have to be timed perfectly, but it is possible to get close to Margit and stay there, parrying his attacks and continuing to land hit after hit. Our rolling strategy is easier to master, but this option is there.

Phase Two

A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)
A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)

This is where the hammer comes out.

Margit can sweep with it and can also smash you with it when he lands his jump.

Again, if you’re feeling very bold, you can technically parry these attacks but it’s a remarkably difficult strategy to pull off.

Along with the golden hammer, Margit will also have a holy sword that he can use for a four-hit combo that deals pretty devastating damage to your character.

Now, when you’re anticipating the attacks, make sure that you dodge towards him rather than away; it will unlock the option for you to hit a quick attack and slowly chip away at his health.

If you’ve got the jellyfish summon unlocked, make sure you use it in the second phase. While the jellyfish deals meagre melee damage, it spits poison out and that can have a cumulative effect on eating Margit’s health.

There will also be times when Margit focuses on your summon, drawing his focus away from you and giving you the chance to get in a nice and juicy strong attack.

As ever with From Software bosses, don’t get greedy, so hit the strong attack and back off. Rinse and repeat.

Final tips

Elden Ring

Make sure that you’ve upgraded your health as well, so you get more than just the basic two flasks to use.

You can upgrade your flasks to around five or six uses if you go exploring and find the right combination of resources.

We’d recommend doing that, and also, finally, don’t get frustrated. Margit is a punishing boss but he can be beaten.

And if you are finding it difficult, there’s nothing stopping you from turning around and exploring Limgrave further, fighting other battles and allowing yourself to keep boosting your level before returning later on.

Good luck, fellow Tarnished.

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