Destiny 2: Game Director Reveals Key Update Coming in Next Patch

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Destiny 2 fans are thoroughly enjoying season 16 of the new game and players will be excited to see an interesting update that is coming with the next patch.

Season 16 was released on Tuesday 22nd February 2022, and despite only being live for a short period, many are loving it.

Developers Bungie have done a great job with the game, and a huge part of this has been due to them implementing Seasons in Destiny 2.

They also consistently update the game, and those in the Destiny community should keep an eye out for details so they know exactly what is going on in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: Game Director Reveals Key Update Coming in Next Patch

There are a lot of people behind the scenes for Destiny 2, and one of them is game director Joe Blackburn.

Blackburn is quite active on social media and loves to post updates around the free-to-play game on Twitter.

He spoke about an upcoming update and told fans about a huge factor being finally sorted in the game as he said: “In a patch targeting next week, we will be increasing the drop chances for weapons in Wellspring, and adding bad luck protection for both getting a standard drop and getting a Deepsight resonate version of a weapon”

Joe Blackburn is gaming director at Destiny 2 and revealed what is coming in an upcoming update.

Those in the gaming community have been asking for bad luck protection for a while so it is great news to see that they are finally getting it.

Season 16 is not the only new content out recently in Destiny 2, there is also the Witch Queen Expansion for players to enjoy and this emphasises that the developers are putting a lot of work into the game.

This is the fourth huge expansion that developers Bungie has done during Destiny 2, and it will add a lot of great new content to the game.

Destiny 2 doesn’t look to be losing any popularity anytime soon and it is very exciting to see where the future of the game lies as we feel it will remain very popular for a very long time.

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