Jamie Vardy's brutal 2016 retort to Harry Kane's lion photo

When it comes to the art of banter, Jamie Vardy is the undisputed king.

The Leicester City star has made a habit of triggering opposition support bases and players with some superb, no-prisoners-taken humour.

Over the course of his Premier League career, Vardy has gone out of his way to poke fun at, enrage and generally let the opposition know that he simply doesn’t take them seriously at all.

In fact, one fan recently compiled a video of Vardy’s greatest sh**house moments and it makes for hilarious viewing.

Of course, as a neutral you can’t help but love Vardy but, at one point or another, the striker has come for everyone in the Premier League.

However, one of his greatest pieces of work came off the field in a brutal online response to England skipper, Harry Kane.

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As Leicester hunted down that unprecedented 2015/16 title, it looked as though Tottenham were the only team who might stop them.

Kane seemed a confident man as well, posting a picture on Instagram of a pride of lions with an incredibly cryptic caption.

The understanding is that Kane was sending a message to the Leicester squad that Spurs were hunting them down.

Harry Kane’s cryptic post on Instagram during the the 15/16 title race

Of course, that Spurs title challenge would unravel within days of the post and they would ultimately end up finishing third, 11 points behind Leicester.

Of course, Vardy simply couldn’t let Kane’s poorly-aged rallying call slide as he then took to Twitter with a post of his own.

Vardy, clever as always, simply posted a screenshot from The Lion King of the iconic moment Mufasa falls from the cliff edge to his death in the gorge below alongside the same caption of four simple dots.

Naturally, the tweet went viral almost immediately as rival fans took the opportunity to make fun of Spurs’ derailed challenge.

Now, six years later, Kane is still searching for his first major trophy as a player – a wait that is destined to stretch on after Spurs were knocked out of the FA Cup by Middlesbrough on Tuesday night.

You can just about imagine the smug little grin that stretches across Vardy’s face every time he remembers the day he put Kane in his place.

Long live the king.

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