Jamie Vardy lookalike: What happened to viral Leicester City fan?

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy with lookalike Lee Chapman

Leicester City fan and Jamie Vardy lookalike Lee Chapman became a viral sensation following the Foxes’ memorable Premier League triumph in 2016.

Chapman, a postman at the time, was snapped alongside Vardy after he was invited to join the players on the team bus while they celebrated winning the title.

When asked by Sky Sports what Vardy had said to him on the bus, Chapman replied: “You’re not as good looking as me, lad!”

The Vardy doppelganger, who also works as an official lookalike for the striker, described it as one of the best moments of his life, and he couldn’t have ever imagined what was in store for him afterwards.

What happened next to Chapman?

Not everything was rosy for Chapman, though. He was involved in plenty of controversy after becoming a public figure, even being blocked on social media by Vardy and labelled “a stalker” by his wife Rebekah.

Shortlist went on a night out in Leicester with Chapman and they found out that his new career as Vardy’s lookalike was slowing descending into a nightmare.

 Shortlist’s reporter Nick Pope described the scene: “As we walk through Leicester city centre, between the blaring clubs and pubs advertising retro drink deals, it becomes clear that the mood has well and truly turned against Chapman.

“Heckles fly from every smoking area we pass. ‘F*** off to London, you full-kit w*****”; ‘Vardy’s leaving because of you, you c***’; ‘Where’s your f****** Arsenal kit, stalker?’

“It feels like we’re the out-of-town boxers who won’t even make it to the ring.”

Chapman was ‘scammed by his agent’

Chapman was in high-demand but in February 2017, he said he was left “broke” amid claims his agent, Jamie Austin, scammed him out of appearance fees.

The BBC claimed to have seen emails that appeared to show Austin had edited invoices in order to have Chapman’s fees paid into a separate account that he controlled.

‘Chappy’, who went back to working as a postman, said, per BBC: “I’ve had to work six days a week non-stop, overtime, you name it, to get back to where I wanted to be.”

Things are brighter now for Chapman

It was a pretty sad twist in the story. But Chapman did get back on his feet and in 2019 he won an award for the Best Individual Piece of Content at the Football Blogging Awards for his live stream outside the King Power Stadium following the shocking helicopter crash in which club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and four others lost their lives shortly after take-off from Leicester’s ground on October 28, 2018.

And despite all of the drama from a few years ago, he’s still putting his likeness Vardy to use.

Last year, Chapman appeared in a video for YouTuber ChrisMD in which he took part in various football challenges alongside a bunch of other lookalikes including David Beckham, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane.

The video, which is titled ‘Are Footballers’ Lookalikes Actually Good At Football?’, has more than 2.4 million views.

And Chapman is active on YouTube himself, regularly streaming himself watching Leicester City matches.

His most-viewed video also happens to be the first one he posted. It’s a mini-documentary from the BBC on his story, from becoming Vardy’s lookalike and eventually being blocked by the Leicester striker to the situation involving his former agent Austin. It has more than 770,000 views.

In total, Chapman has more than 15,000 subscribers and over 2 million views. 

It’s been a crazy ride for Chapman since he was brought on to Leicester’s bus by Claudio Ranieri to celebrate with his idols in 2016.

There have been plenty of ups and downs along the way but the Leicester fan, who continues to work as a postman, has no doubt been left with some utterly incredible stories to tell. 

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