Liverpool: Luis Diaz's epic pace with the ball at his feet during West Ham win

Luis Diaz has hit the ground running as a Liverpool player.

While there’s never been any doubt about the Colombian’s supreme talent, it can’t have been easy for anybody arriving at Anfield with the hope of breaking into Jurgen Klopp’s legendary front three.

With the 25-year-old almost exclusively playing on the left wing during his FC Porto days, there were many Kopites who feared that he wouldn’t get a sniff competing with Sadio Mane.

Diaz makes his impact at Liverpool

But alas, Diaz has made a quicker start than even the likes of Andrew Robertson, Fabinho and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who were famously integrated into the starting XI at a snail’s pace by Klopp.

The dazzling winger has already completed 90 minutes in the famous red jersey on four occasions and opened his Premier League goalscoring account during the 3-1 win over Norwich City.

However, there’s an argument to be made that Diaz’s finest performance for Liverpool so far came during the 3-1 Premier League win against West Ham United on Saturday evening.

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Diaz shines vs West Ham

With Mane out of Diaz’s way and playing more centrally, scoring the winning goal in the first-half, the coast was clear for Liverpool’s latest signing to shine in the position that he knows best.

And shine he did because Twitter was flooded with fans, pundits and ex-pros alike waxing lyrical about Diaz’s kinetic performance in which he displayed exactly the type of energy that you love to see from a Liverpool player.

You only have to look at Premier League icon and former Chelsea captain John Terry casually tweeting out: “Diaz is a player,” during the game to get an idea about how much the Colombian star is impressing.

And there was perhaps no better demonstration of Diaz’s class during the West Ham victory than in a stunning run that highlighted the staggering pace at which he can move with the ball at his feet.

Diaz’s superb pace with the ball

Whether it’s Adama Traore, Kylian Mbappe or Alphonso Davies, we all knows players who are flat-out rapid on a football pitch, but showing electric pace while dribbling is a different skill entirely.

So, when Diaz ran from deep in his own half to the edge of Lukasz Fabianski’s penalty area with the ball at his feet faster than many of the West Ham players tracking back, you know that the kid is special.

It might only have been a brief moment in the grand scheme of Diaz’s scintillating display, but it’s nevertheless an ominous illustration of his sizzling talent that you can check out down below:

Imagine zipping along like that with the ball at your feet. Superb.

Exciting times for Diaz

It’s crazy to see just how effectively Diaz progressed down the Anfield pitch at a quicker speed than most people can run without a ball despite having to control his dribble at the same time.

It wasn’t all for show either, because the superb solo run was enough to turn a Liverpool counterattack facing a wall of West Ham defenders into a free-kick in a threatening position.

Diaz might not have been able to carve out a goal or an assist, but both Klopp and Kopites will be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of a player who can carry the ball with such velocity.

Liverpool 1-0 West Ham Match Reaction (Football Terrace)

Be scared, Premier League defenders, because Liverpool have themselves another baller.

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