Chris Eubank Sr hits TikTok fame with The Calcium Kid ‘bumblebee’ clip

The one and only Chris Eubank Sr is an overnight TikTok sensation due to a viral clip from his acting days hitting the social media platform.

Back in the day Eubank Sr, 55, made a strange cameo in 2004 mockumentary comedy ‘The Calcium Kid’. While the movie itself didn’t fare well in the eyes of critics, many fondly recall the surprise appearance of Eubank. The veteran, who had been retired for over five years by its release, popped up to offer some words of wisdom to Orlando Bloom’s character Jimmy Connelly.

Eubank discusses the theory that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly and yet, through their determination alone, are able to do so.

While the snippet itself is entertaining, the actual quote is what appears to be doing the rounds.

“Did you know that according to the theory of aerodynamics, and as may well be demonstrated by means of a wind tunnel, the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. 

“You see, because of its size, weight and shape in relation to its total wingspan, flight should be impossible.

“However, the bumblebee, being unaware of these scientific facts, but possessing considerable determination, does fly. 

“And makes a little honey too.”

The curious case of Chris Eubank Sr

Alongside those listening to the diatribe in the scene, many TikTok users have been caught off-guard by fans using it in completely unrelated videos. This trend stretches beyond the realms of combat sport and is tearing through pretty much every corner of the TikTok world.

What began as a confusing string of anecdotes has quickly transformed into one of the most quotable moments from Eubank Sr’s illustrious career.

The former super middleweight king is remembered by boxing lovers for some of his battles in the ring as well as for possessing a granite chin. It’s odd, then, that the current generation knows him best as the soft-spoken celeb with an unbeatable dress sense.

From offering his son a sweet on Gogglebox to showcasing his talents in the Australian jungle, Eubank Sr has a legacy that many wouldn’t have envisaged when he hung up his gloves.

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