Martyn Ford: World's scariest man shows off surprising agility in boxing training

Martyn Ford and Sajad Gharibi are set to do battle with each other at London’s O2 Arena on April 4.

Less than a month out from this clash of the titans, a video has surfaced showcasing Ford’s in-ring ability.

In an Instagram post shared to his 3.7million followers, the 39-year-old revealed that he currently weighs a staggering 315lbs.

Despite his brick wall, 6ft 6 frame of pure muscle, the Brit is surprisingly agile in the ring.

While his bout with Gharibi might not be the most technically sound contests, that’s not the main reason people will be tuning in.

Gharibi, like Ford, is a mountain of a man. His incredibly wide and muscular physique has led to him being dubbed the “Iranian Hulk.”

The 30-year-old from Ahvaz, Iran looked like something straight from a comic book and it will be interesting to see how he fares in the squared circle against “The Scariest Man on the Planet”.

Despite weighing close to 400lbs, the Iranian Hulk will not be the heaviest man to step into a boxing ring.

Maryn Ford has been hard at work for his upcoming fight | Credit: Instagram

American Dustin Nichols clocked in at an incredible 498lbs when he took on Deontay Wilder back in 2010.

Ford and Gharibi were initially set to fight in 2018, however, the fight never came to be.

“The London 02 is booked,” Ford posted on his Instagram. “I would absolutely love to put on an event you guys will never forget.

“This to me is very personal…things have been said that can’t be taken back, by numerous people in his circle. 

“I can’t promise you the most technical fight in the world but I will promise you that I will bring my absolute everything and turn this into an event you will never forget.

“I would absolutely love to pack this arena out and have 20k screaming friends and family show this guy exactly what it means to be strong enough to stand up for what you believe in.”

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