Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: Thor posts new sparring footage

On March 19, Hafthor Bjornsson (or just ‘Thor’) will take on Eddie Hall in Dubai.

Both men have won the World’s Strongest Man competition during their careers, so this is a real clash of the titans and the bout will be the first boxing match for Hall, but the fourth for Bjornsson.

The fight was originally scheduled to take place on September 18, 2021, before Hall sustained a torn left bicep causing him to postpone the bout.

This caused a replacement to be brought in and Devon Larrett was chosen to be that man. The change in opponent ended well for Thor, who defeated his new adversary in the first round by technical knockout.

Hall, known as The Beast, shouldn’t be taken lightly, though. He may be new to boxing, but he did set a new world record in deadlifting at the 2016 Europe’s Strongest Man competition, lifting 500kg (1102 lbs). However, quite fittingly, that record was beaten in 2020 when Thor himself lifted 501kg (1105 lbs).

On his YouTube channel of the same name, Hafthor Bjornsson uploaded a video promoting the upcoming fight. In this video he expressed his excitement and his plan for the current day of training. They did shadow boxing, sparring and bag work, which is likely to peak the interest of fans ahead of the fight next weekend.

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The sparring unsurprisingly features some ridiculously heavy blows from the man aptly named Thor. He was also taking blows and managed to absorb both head and body strikes from his striking partner with as much success as he could hope for. He looks to be in top shape ahead of March 19.

One commenter on the YouTube video even stated: “Love seeing someone that was sooo big and strong go to boxing and actually learn to be technical and develop great movement.”

Other fans were also impressed, with one saying: “Thor has really improved a lot, it’s visible and his proper training is paying off.”

Another said: “Very impressed with Thor’s progression! Also, I’m so happy to see Thor lighter, looking healthy, and honestly looking happy! Man’s in great condition.”

Nelson Zhang also wrote in the comments: “This might be late to mention, but this progress is insane. Eddie’s definitely going to aim for body blows since most of the YouTube footage shows Thor not really have his midriff that well covered, hopefully Thor has a good answer for that!”

This footage is bound to add excitement to this fight as fans can get a measurement of just how intense and powerful the encounter will end up being with two absolute mountains of men.

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