Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Vince McMahon: 10 legends who deserve to go into the WWE Hall of Fame

  • Ash Rose

WWE have announced the next inductee to the 2022 Hall of Fame will be former WCW World Champion Vader

The Mastadon is the second announced name following The Undertaker’s induction as part of the Hall of Fame Class of 2022. With a number of additional names set to be announced in the coming weeks ahead of the ceremony on Friday 1 April.

GiveMeSport looks at the names who have yet to be inducted but deserve their place in WWE’s Hall of Fame. 

Miss Elizabeth

A throwback to ‘The First Lady of Professional Wrestling’, much of Macho Man Randy Savage’s success can be credited to having Liz by his side. Together the act rose all the way to the top in WWE, with Randy’s WWE Championship win at WrestleMania IV, before Liz was centre stage for their downfall as the catalyst for Savage and Hulk Hogan’s battle at WrestleMania V. More than just a manager, Liz’s emotional reconciliation with Macho Man in 1992 is one of the most iconic moments in ‘Mania history, and their wedding at SummerSlam later that year is the only ceremony to main event a major PPV. She sadly passed away in 2003, but the Hall of Fame needs it’s first lady to make it complete. 

Bam Bam Bigelow 

A big man possibly like no other, Bam Bam changed the game for what was expected of superstars of his size. He moved around the ring like someone much lighter than his 400lb size, ignoring the need to rely on the big power moves fans had become accustom to from big men of the time. Combine that with his unique look of famous tattooed head and flame covered tights, there’s no wonder he was a standout star of his era. At WrestleMania VI he took on NFL star Lawrence Taylor in the night’s main event, in what is one the better ‘celebrity’ bouts in the show’s history. One of the best big men, who starred in a big WrestleMania main event and deserves his big induction into the Hall of Fame. 

Lex Luger 

When you look of the number of memorable moments and list of achievements on Luger’s CV, it’s surprising we haven’t already seen an induction for The Total Package. Making his name in WCW, he moved to WWE in 1993 as ‘The Narcissist’ before turning face and famously body slamming Yokozuna on Independence Day to signal his run as ‘the next Hulk Hogan’ aboard the Lex Express. Despite a Royal Rumble win, his role as WWE’s next big babyface never quite worked out and instead jumped ship back to WCW to shockingly appear on the very first Monday Nitro – just one night after being on WWE TV. Back in WCW he would win world championship gold and play a massive role in the Monday Night Wars and the formation of nWo Wolfpac.

Jim Johnston 

Every WWE theme tune you know instinctively come from the talented brain of former head of music at WWE, Jim Johnston. For thirty-two years Johnston was the mastermind behind WWE’s most iconic entrance themes, from Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock to The Undertaker and Randy Orton. No man has created crowd pops like Johnston, thanks to his incredible back catalogue of some of the best entrance themes in WWE history. The soundtrack of our wrestling history should be tuned up to be in the Hall of Fame.


While Sable may not be one of women’s wrestling great in-ring performers, what can’t be denied is how much of a superstar she was during WWE’s biggest ever period. Her profile at the height of The Attitude Era made her one of the biggest draws on the roster, with fans seduced by her obvious charms and her role as first Mark Mero’s manager and then solo star in her own right. Yes, many of her most memorable moments fall under the ‘non-PG’ banner, but her impact on the industry cannot be underestimated. WWE pretty much bought back the Women’s Title to give Sable an even bigger spotlight and it’s a spotlight that needs marking with a Hall of Fame ring. 

Owen Hart 

An obviously difficult and emotional name for WWE to induct, but away from the tragedy and controversy it’s right to remember Owen for the phenomenal talent he was on WWE TV – both in and out of the ring. A superstar who could mix his style from high-flyer to submission specialist and put on some of the best wrestling matches in the history of the company – just watch his battle with brother Bret at WrestleMania X. Before his untimely death at Over The Edge in 1999, Owen was a four-time Tag Team Champion and two-time Intercontinental Champion, but could have gone on to do so much more. Here’s hoping at some point differences can be worked out and Hart can take his rightful place in WWE’s Hall of Fame. 


Give us what we want! Give us a Batista induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. As part of Evolution, Batista would dominate WWE TV in the mid 2000s and his breakout potential was there for all to see. That breakout came in one of Raw’s most famous segments, when Batista’s thumbs down to Triple H signalled a run at the very top of WWE and The Animal was born. Two Royal Rumble wins and six reigns as world champion followed as Batista became one of the biggest names in the company. So big, he’s manged to transition his talents into Hollywood and is currently a major player in the film industry and part of the Marvel multiverse. 

Paul Heyman 

His name is Paul Heyman and he is very much deserving of a place in WWE’s Hall of Fame. Heyman has four decades worth of wrestling experience under his belt, from managing in WCW, creating and leading ECW in the 1990s and then working for WWE both on and off screen. There are fewer better wrestling minds to grace the business than Heymans. Be it as commentator, general manager, advocate, counsel, writer, speaker or booker, Heyman has done it all and most of the time done it as good as anyone else in the business. 

The Rock 

This is the biggest no brainer on the list and it’s just a matter of when we see The Rock headline a Hall of Fame ceremony, and the smart money is on Hollywood next year. Arguably the greatest sports entertainer in the history of the business, The Rock was one of the most popular stars during WWE’s most popular period and it catapulted him to mainstream superstardom. As a WWE superstar, few have been better on the stick and no one could have ‘the millions’ captivated as much as The Great One. As Dwayne Johnson he’s now the biggest actor/celebrity in the world and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Finally, next year will be the time to induct the most electrifying man in all of WWE. 

Vince McMahon 

If the Hall of Fame was actual physical landmark, then a whole whing would be dedicated to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Simply put there is no Hall of Fame without Vince McMahon, heck there isn’t professional wrestling without Vince McMahon. He bought WWF in 1982, created WrestleMania and turned the company into a multi-million-dollar sports entertainment empire. Many believe he’d never want to be inducted into his own Hall of Fame, so it may have to wait until The Chairman is no longer with us, but there is no one who deserves their place more, than the man that created it all. 

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