Ali, Lewis, Louis, Marciano: George Foreman ranks top 5 heavyweights of all time - no Mike Tyson

  • Tom Ward

Boxing legend George Foreman has named Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis in his top five heavyweights of all time but there’s no room for Mike Tyson on the former champion’s list.

It is a stacked list also including the likes of Rocky Marciano and John L Sullivan.

Foreman, 73, also declared Joe Louis the greatest fighter in the history of the sport.

Louis, also known by his ring name as the Brown Bomber, claimed the world championship in June 1937 and emphatically laid waste to the rest of the division for the best part of a decade.

In that time, the Alabama native defeated five former world champions and registered a staggering 25 consecutive title defences – a run Foreman believes made him the best fighter to ever set foot in the boxing ring.

When asked who he thinks is the greatest heavyweight of all time, he replied via Twitter: “Joe Louis was champ for 11 years! The greatest of all time.”

Louis announced his retirement a few weeks after being beaten by Rocky Marciano in New York in October 1951.

11 Dec 1999: (from left to right) Boxing legends past and present Lennox Lewis, Harry Carpenter and Muhammad Ali pose for the cameras at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards ceremony held at the BBC Television Centre, in London. \ Mandatory Credit: Craig Prentis /Allsport

And despite the one-sided ending that was their fateful encounter, Foreman still has Louis ahead of Marciano in the pecking order, with ‘The Rock from Brockton’ coming at in 2nd.

Foreman doesn’t, however, believe ‘Iron Mike’ – who was linked to a fight against Logan Paul as recently as last year – deserves a place on the list as he missed out on a spot in the top five rankings.

Tyson in 1986 became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history, knocking out Trevor Berbick aged just 20.

But despite this Foreman insisted he still doesn’t make the top five.

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Muhammad Ali

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Replying to a fan, he tweeted: “Tyson is not in my top 5 world champs [sic]. He could make my top 10.”

Foreman also had Sullivan ranked third, with former foe Ali coming in at four.

Nicknamed The Greatest, Ali is widely regarded as the greatest fighter of his generation.

Ali regained the heavyweight crown by knocking out Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle in October 1974.

While in the fifth spot on the list Foreman reeled off on social media was Lewis.

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