Kylian Mbappe: Thierry Henry delivers sensational analysis of PSG striker

Kylian Mbappe Thierry Henry

Kylian Mbappe is quickly developing into one of the world’s greatest footballers.

Alongside the likes of Erling Haaland and Mohamed Salah, the 23-year-old is regularly being touted in debates over who is currently the best footballer in the world.

And it’s not hard to see why, with the Frenchman impressing during Paris Saint-Germain’s defeat to Real Madrid on Wednesday night in the Champions League.

Despite the tough loss, Mbappe caused nightmares for the Madrid defenders during the match, scoring the Parisian’s only goal of the game.

The PSG striker also had two goals disallowed for offside, one of which shows just how incredible he is with his speed, power and finishing ability. Take a look at the disallowed goal below.

It’s superhuman stuff from the goal machine, who seems to embody his idols Ronaldo Nazario and Thierry Henry during the video.

But it was his compatriot, Henry, who gave the PSG superstar the plaudits before the game.

Control, power and balance

Speaking CBS Sports, the former Arsenal striker delivered an eye-opening piece of analysis on the attributes needed to become a world-class forward.

And for Henry, Mbappe has all of those qualities rolled into one.

“People always talk about [Mbappe’s] speed, but it’s not only that,” Henry said. “I like the fact that he has control, power and balance when he is dribbling.”

“He also has the composure to finish it at the end of a game in the Champions League.”

It is well known that the four-time Premier League Golden Boot winner is one of Mbappe’s greatest inspirations, and during the programme, the pundit was asked if he could see any similarities between himself and the PSG striker.

While humbled by the comparisons, Henry agreed, stating that both could use their speed and power to their advantage.

“Yes, but with all humility, because this guy is just a freak,” Henry said. “What Mbappe has is the way he can see a goal and think about it, see the path and execute it.

“Speed makes people scared and he instils fear into defenders. But also, at the beginning of the game, I was always going to give you [the defender] five runs in behind to let you know that I’m faster than you.

“Another important thing is that you need to have a lot of weapons because if it was only about speed, people wouldn’t have been scared because there are a lot of guys that were fast in the league at the time.

“But if you add control, speed accuracy, balance, left foot, right foot, it is so difficult to defend.”

Take a look at the insightful piece of analysis below where Henry also reveals Ronaldo as his inspiration.

Mbappe keeps getting better

But at the mere age of 23, the World Cup winner seems to be improving every year.

Having scored 25 goals across all competitions already this season, Mbappe continues to add strings to his bow, making him an even greater threat around the box.

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For Henry, these continual developments are why he could become one of the best players in the world.

“He finishes better. He used to do a lot of skill and he has understood that he needs to be more efficient,” the Frenchman said.

“He used to like to curve the ball in and shoot into the top corner. Now he’s providing another problem, waiting for defenders to open their legs and can bend the ball around the defender or hit it through their legs.

“This is why I think this guy is clever because he doesn’t stay only with what he was born with but he is working.”

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