Elden Ring: How to get the Age of Stars ending - A complete guide

Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a variety of different endings, but how do you get Ranni’s ending, titled the Age of Stars?

This is not the default ending in the game, that would be Melina’s ending.

But there is a very clear way that you can accomplish the Ranni ending, provided you follow the right steps and beat the right bosses along the way.

It’s a very involved questline, that will take several hours to complete, but we’ve broken it down for you so you know exactly where to go and what to do so you can unlock this alternate ending to From Software’s latest epic.

Be aware that, obviously, Elden Ring is a very difficult game, so don’t expect to simply clear every single stage first time – you might have to die a fair few times along the way!

Still, with that said, let’s dive into the guide.

How to reach the Age of Stars ending

A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)

As we’ve said, this isn’t very easy, but this is the best way for you to reach the Age of Stars ending, which does come with a trophy once the credits roll.

With thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun’s guide, here’s every step you need to take to get the alternate ending.

Talk to Ranni

This is the first step. Once you’ve acquired Torrent, your spectral steed, head back to the Church of Elleh, which will likely be the second site of grace location you find after the one just outside the first cave.

Provided it is night-time, Ranni will appear, sat on one of the church walls. She’s important as she’ll give you the Spirit Calling Bell that will allow you to summon wolves, jellyfish, and all sorts of AI allies.

She’ll introduce herself as Renna. If you don’t do this, you can still find the bell in the Roundtable Hold, being sold by the Twin Maiden Husks.

Go to Caria Manor in north Liurnia

Later in the game, go to Caria Manor, which is north of the Academy. You’ll have to have progressed from Limgrave, which is the game’s first area. This means you’ll have to have beaten both Margit and Godrick.

Caria Manor has plenty of enemies, including sorcerers and soldiers, and reaching the final stage in the Manor will bring you to a boss fight against Royal Knight Loretta.

Beat her and head outside at the back of the Manor. This is the Three Sisters area. There’s a Glintstone Dragon here but you don’t have to fight it if you don’t want to; you can sprint on by if you’re riding Torrent.

Go to Ranni’s Rise and you’ll see three towers. You can only climb one and, at the top, you’ll find Renna. Speak to her.

Pick the right dialogue choice

Renna will say that she’s Ranni and introduce herself properly. You’ll be asked if you want to serve her. Say yes. You don’t have to agree immediately as you can head somewhere else and come back if you so desire, but we’d recommend saying yes straight away.

You’ll be told she needs an item in Nokron, the Eternal City. If you’re yet to beat General Radahn, the dialogue will differ compared to if you’ve killed him.

If you haven’t beaten him – it’s likely that you haven’t – you’ll be told to meet Blaidd by Siofra River.

Meet Blaidd

Siofra River is underground and you’ll need to use the Siofra River Well elevator to get down there. Explore it and you’ll find Blaidd. Speak with him and he’ll inform you that you should speak to a sorcerer named Seluvis.

Go to Seluvis in Liurnia

Go back to the Three Sisters towers to meet Seluvis. It’s a short chat and he’ll tell you that you need to meet with Sellen back in Limgrave.

Speak to Sellen

Elden Ring

Sellen is a sorceress underneath the waypoint ruins in Limgrave. Beat the Mad Pumpkin Head boss to gain entry and speak to Sellen.

Provided you haven’t killed Radahn, this is when you’ll be told to beat him before you can continue.

Beat Radahn

He’s in Caelid, at the Redmane Castle, and this is not a simple boss fight at all. He’s one of the major bosses in the game so you’ll have to make sure you’re appropriately levelled up and have some beefy weapons and incantations to take him on.

Pick up the Fingerslayer Blade in Nokron

Beating Radahn will see a meteorite drop from the sky. This will allow you the path into Nokron. Follow along the side of the Siofra River, then go to the Ancestral Woods site of grace. Jump on the building nearby and keep following the path. You’ll come to a small building with a chest. Inside is the Blade.

Take it to Ranni

Go back to the tower and interact with Ranni. You’ll hand over the blade and be told that your work is done. This is confusing for some players, as it genuinely seems as though this is the end of the quest. As a reward, you’ll be given the Carian Inverted Statue, granting you access to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Use the teleporter

There’s a teleporter in Renna’s Rise opposite Caria Manor. The tower isn’t blocked off to you anymore and you can climb it, with the teleporter sitting at the top. You’ll be taken to Ainsel River in Liurnia.

Interact with miniature Ranni

There’ll be a loot drop ahead of you when you arrive. There’s a miniature Ranni doll here which you need to pick up.

At the next site of grace, speak to it. Initially it won’t respond but interact enough times and you’ll get a response. It’s a trick, as you’re actually talking to the real Ranni, and she’ll give you a new quest: kill the Baleful Shadow in the Ainsel River.

Beat the Baleful Shadow

Yep, you guessed it. This is a tough boss fight at the end of the Ainsel River area. Beating it will see you given a Discarded Palace Key. Again, Ranni seems to tell you that this is the end of the quest but we’ve still got work to do!

Unlock the Academy Library chest

Elden Ring's day one patch introduces improved player controls and balance adjustments.
Credit: FromSoftware

Don’t forget about the quest but you’ll need to beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon to access this chest in the library. The key you’ve been given by Ranni unlocks it and you’ll find the Dark Moon Ring.

Go to the Lake of Rot

Once you’ve got the Ring, you need to go back to the area where you killed the Baleful Shadow. There’s an elevator here. Go down and you’ll come out into the Lake of Rot. Don’t stand in the lake, the poison is deadly.

Beat Astel

This is the Naturalborn of the Void. What a name, right? You’ll have to reach the very end of the lake and, on the left, there’s a coffin. Rest inside it and you’ll be taken to Astel’s boss fight area. You need to beat him. It is not easy.

Go to the Moonlight Altar

So you’ve beaten Astel. The next step requires you to have the Dark Moon Ring so if you didn’t pick it up when we told you to, go back and do it now. Also, why couldn’t you follow our instructions? Anyway, beating the boss and having the Ring will allow you to use the elevator at the end of the cave in front of you. Using it will take you up to the Moonlight Altar.

There are lots of beasts up here, including dragons and a new Evergaol boss.

Interact with Ranni

Go to the Cathedral of Manus Celes. There’s a hole in the ground, and you need to drop down. Be careful as you could drop and sustain fall damage. Follow the path and Ranni will be at the end, next to a dead Two Fingers. Ranni appears to be dead but this is where the Ring comes on. Interact with her and you’ll place it on her finger; she’ll disappear and become the snow witch you’ve come to know.

Get the Moonlight Sword

Elden Ring will be released on 21st January 2022.
Elden Ring will be released on 21st January 2022.

This is vital. Speak to Ranni again and she’ll tell you that you should go and is leaving. She askes you to keep following the Elden Lord path. This is another false ending.

Once she’s gone, wait a second, and there’ll be a loot drop next to where she disappeared. Looting it will give you the Dark Moon Greatsword, which is a legendary weapon.

You’ll need to have a very high level to be able to wield it; it requires 16 strength, 11 dexterity and 38 intelligence.

You’re going to want to have levelled up to that point because this is a very cool weapon that deals physical and magical damage jointly, along with frost buildup.

It takes a fair amount of time and effort to get this sorted but it is very doable.

Use Ranni’s summon

This is where the questline comes to an end.

Once you’ve fought the final boss battle in the game, likely with the help of your brand spanking new sword, you’ll have the ability to summon Ranni.

It should be said here that you will need to have completed every single part of this walkthrough for this to be possible; you can’t just reach the end and hope the summon sign appears.

The new ending will be unlocked, which we will detail below. Obviously be aware of spoilers here, but know that this is the best possible ending you can find in Elden Ring.

What is the Age of Stars ending?

We’ll put another spoiler warning here just in case you didn’t see the one before. Don’t read on if you don’t want to have this spoiled for you.

That said, the Age of Stars ending is the very best ending you can find in the game.

Essentially, you will agree to become Ranni’s consort and help her become a god. She will replace Marika when she does this.

With the power that she now boasts, Ranni will use a spell to turn the Lands Between into constant night, where moonlight bathes every single corner of the world.

Doing this, she claims, will free the souls trapped in the Erdtree, kickstarting a journey, over a thousand years, known as the Age of the Stars.

Ranni intends to destroy the previous power structure in the Lands Between and allow every member of the population to ascend beyond their mortal trappings.

Per Den of Geek, she gives a speech before casting the spell, which goes as follows: “Upon the order I envision. Mine will be an order not of gold, but the stars and moon of the chill night. I would keep them far from the earth beneath our feet. As it is now, life and souls and order are bound tightly together, but I would have them at a great remove. And have the certainties of sight, emotion, faith, and touch… All become impossibilities. Which is why I would abandon this soil, with mine order.”

Basically, she’s completely transforming the way life is lived in the Lands Between, and is allowing everyone, the player included, to ascend into a new world.

And that’s the end of the questline. It is not an easy one at all, and it takes various steps, some of which are remarkably easy to miss if you don’t have a guide to follow.

You’re welcome. Now go and complete Elden Ring. We’ll wait!

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