AEW Rampage Results: Strickland "Swerves" Nese's offence in debut victory.

This recent edition of AEW Rampage saw the highly anticipated debut of recent signee, Swerve Strickland as he goes one on one with the Premier Athlete Tony Nese. Also, Darby Allin was in action against Marq Quen and Mercedes Martinez went one-on-one with Jamie Hayter.

Plus, Keith Lee was in action as he took on the leader of The Factory, QT Marshall.

Darby Allin def Marq Quen-

After turning on Matt Hardy and aligning himself with Andrade on AEW Dynamite. Quen was looking to create some momentum and pull off a big win against the tenacious Darby Allin.

As soon as the bell rings both men lock up with Darby securing a strong headlock, quickly gaining control of Quen.

Darby looks to follow up with an aerial manoeuvre to the outside but is distracted by Isiah Kassidy. This allows Quen to capitalise and shift the momentum as he drives Darby into the steel steps.

As the match progresses, Darby sets up for the Coffin Drop but is again distracted by Kassidy. This allows Quen to follow up and nail a devastating 450 splash to Allin on the outside of the ring to which Darby powers out by the skin of his teeth.

Quen sets up for the shooting star press but is met by an armbar from Allin ultimately making Quen have no choice but to tap out.

Post-match sees the newly formed AFO emerge to confront Darby and Sting but are quickly met by the reformed Hardy Boyz.

Jamie Hayter def Mercedes Martinez

Hayter and Martinez lock up showcasing a test of strength between the two impressive athletes. Just as it looks like one woman has control the other responds with a counter of their own.

Hayter takes advantage connecting a series of stomps to Martinez in the corner.

Martinez regains control with three double underhook supplexes to Hayter but lariat attempt sees her become recipient to a crushing back breaker from her opponent.

The closing moments of the match saw Hayter pick up a huge victory via a stiff lariat.

Post-match saw Team D.M.D try and attack Martinez, but Rosa quickly responded by storming to the ring with a steel chair.

Keith Lee def QT Marshall-

Lee came out the gate man handling Marshall and quickly taking control with an array of stiff shots.

Marshall gained some momentum after dropping Lee’s necks with a counter on the ropes followed by a huge missile drop kick that took Lee off his feet.

However, the momentum would soon shift back in the favour of the limitless one who hits Marshall with a huge clothesline.

In the closing moments, Marshall sets up for the Diamond Cutter, but another lariat followed by a huge slam saw him pick up the victory.

Post-match sees The Factory get in the ring to attack Lee, but Keith has an answer to anything the throw with Lee disposing of Solo and Commorato.

As Lee thinks it is over Hobbs and FTW Champion Ricky Starks take to the ring with Hobbs levelling Lee with a massive spinebuster.

Swerve Strickland def Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete has started the new year unbeaten, and he was looking to continue this, but he has AEW’s latest signee Swerve Strickland to deal with as he looks for a win in his AEW debut.

Swerve starts off the match strong having an answer to anything that Nese throws at him. Swerve continues to taunt and showcase his ring IQ by reading anything that Nese tries to do to shift momentum leading to Swerve cracking Nese with a huge heel kick.

Nese manages to shift the momentum by baiting Swerve in and wrapping him in the ring apron before hitting him with a baseball dropkick and following it up by launching him into the steel steps.

As the match progresses, Swerve tries to get some sort of offence with a German suplex attempt but Nese scouts it and drops a pinpoint double foot stomp to the mid-section of Swerve.

In the closing moments of the match, Swerve kicks out of a devastating 450 splash from Nese by the skin of his teeth.

Nese sets up for a pump handle slam but Tony reverses momentarily before being dropped with a huge kick followed by a double foot stomp on the apron.

It has truly been a back-and-forth battle throughout but a stomp from the top rope sees Swerve pick up his first AEW victory.

You can watch AEW internationally on FITE TV.

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