Conor McGregor body transformation: Coach reveals truth behind muscle gain

Conor McGregor’s coach has said he is not worried about the UFC fighter’s new physique as the Irishman looks to return to the Octagon this year.

Notorious has been out of action since last July after suffering a broken leg in his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier.

McGregor had to undergo surgery due to the injury, but has vowed to return to UFC as soon as he can, and we may see a different animal given his new physique.

McGregor revealed that he has been hitting the gym a lot and at his heaviest weighed 86kg, which is 15kg more than when he was fighting Poirier.

Many people didn’t think that the new look Conor would suit him, however, coach John Kavanagh said there is nothing to worry about.

Kavanagh told, as per Fox Sports: “You know, Conor is a very hard trainer and he’s not going to go to the gym and mess around.

“The only thing he could go is lift weights. So guess what? He lifted all the weights.”

He went on to say: “In terms of am I worried in a couple of months time he’ll struggle with the weight? No.

“He’s made weight for 15 years, never missed once. For all his boxing fights, all his MMA fights, he’s never missed his weight class once.

“What he is going to come back I believe is much stronger. Any strength and conditioning coach will tell you, it’s not massively difficult to get somebody cardio fit, but it is hard to get them strong. So he’s focusing on what he can do now, which is get strong, strong, strong.”

McGregor’s leg seems to be fine and fully recovered, although some fans are questioning that due to a new image that was posted by the Irishman on social media, so it will be interesting to see if he can ever return to his very best.

Let’s hope we can see Conor McGregor back in the Octagon soon.

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