Chocobo GP DLC Characters: Fans Reveal Who They Want Added to the Game

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Chocobo GP is the new karting game from Square Enix, and players have already been discussing what Final Fantasy characters they want to see added as DLC in upcoming updates.

Both Cloud and Squall from FF7 and FF8 are already available in the game alongside the standard range of characters, and this has got gamers hoping that some of their other favourites from the franchise will be coming.

With a plethora of games in their back catalogue to choose from, Square Enix certainly has scope to keep bringing new content to the game over the next few months at least.

Here’s who players have been hoping Square Enix will eventually add to Chocobo GP as part of the Season updates.

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Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP DLC Characters

As noted, both Cloud and Squall are already available for players to get a hold of in the new karting game.

Fans are hoping though that even more characters will be added to the game as part of future updates. One tweeted in the hopes that two of Final Fantasy X’s main characters would be added at some point: “If Tidus or Yuna is added to Chocobo GP, I’m going to have to buy it.”

Another player would also express their want to see Tidus make their way to the kart racer, tweeting: “I hope Tidus will be in the Chocobo GP as a racer…Besides, this was Square’s last character from SquareSoft, besides Kingdom Hearts.”

There were also players requesting that Zidane from FF9 be added to the mix, with one gamer tweeting: “I hope Zidane gets added as a playable racer in Chocobo GP and so should Barret Wallace, Vincent Valentine and Sephiroth.”

Another gamer wants to see Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII make her way to the game at some point: “Would like to issue a formal complaint that my girl Lightning is not in Chocobo GP.”

It of course remains to be seen if Square Enix will be adding these characters going forward, but it would certainly make sense for the company to keep bringing some of Final Fantasy’s most beloved characters to the new karting title.

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