Thomas Tuchel's answer when asked how Chelsea will get to Lille

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel

It’s been a seismic week for Chelsea Football Club.

On Monday, it was announced that owner Roman Abramovic had been sanctioned by the UK government due to his connections to Russian figures responsible for the invasion of Ukraine.

Quite what that meant for Chelsea soon became clear.

Simply put, it makes the planned sale of the club by Abramovic extremely difficult but not impossible. He will effectively have to hand the club over to the UK government to sanction a sale in which he won’t receive a penny.

But then there are also a host of sanctions for Chelsea as a club. They’re unable to sell any further tickets, any merchandise, sign or sell any players to offer any contracts.

One of the stranger sanctions includes only being able to spend £20,000 on travel for away matches making their journey to Lille next week a bit difficult.

Chelsea v Newcastle United - Premier League

Player Care Group founder, Hugo Scheckter, estimated that usual Premier League away game would cost at least £30,000.

“Going abroad, I don’t see how they can do anything other than either commercial flights or drive their bus and a significant drop in standard of hotel. Will make a big impact,” he said.

How will Chelsea get to Lille?

So, that was the all-important question posed to Tuchel after Chelsea beat Newcastle 1-0 on Sunday.

His reply? Well, it was rather brilliant.

“My last information is we have a plane and we can go by plane and come back by plane. If not we go by train, if not by bus, if not I will drive a seven-seater,” Tuchel said.

“Honestly, I will do it. You can mark my words, I will do it to arrive there.

“If you’d asked me 20 or 30 years ago, to be in charge of a Champions League match what I was willing to do, I’d say: ‘Ok, where do I have to be and when?’

“Why should this change? I will be there and we will be there. Of course, organisation wise, there are some negotiations going on and talks, but it doesn’t influence me.”


Chelsea fans were loving his response to the question and his passion shown to the club. Check out the best reaction:

Tuchel deserves so much credit for the way he’s handled this entire situation. He’s a football manager but he’s being constantly asked questions about Abramovich and the war in Ukraine.

All the while, he’s been completely honest and done his best to clarify the situation. All while managing a football club to victories.

Well played, Thomas Tuchel.

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