Dan Burn finger: The story behind Newcastle defender's missing digit

Dan Burn was at the centre of two big moments during Chelsea’s last-gasp 1-0 victory over Newcastle on Sunday.

The Newcastle defender, signed from Brighton for £13 million in January, was on the receiving end of a Kai Havertz elbow in the first half. The Chelsea star inadvertently landed a hefty blow to Burn’s face, leaving him with blood pouring from a nasty gash.

Havertz was booked for his elbow but he can consider himself very fortunate not to have been sent off.

After being cleaned up, Burn continued the rest of the match as Newcastle attempted to get a positive result in their bid to survive relegation.

However, in the 89th-minute, there was heartbreak for Eddie Howe’s men – and Burn was at fault.

Jorginho played a floated ball into the box that Burn completely misjudged, allowing Havertz the opportunity to control the ball and fire past Martin Dubravka.

Chelsea had won the game and Burn was devasted by his mistake.

Sky Sports cameras zoomed in on the defender putting his hands to his face in despair. But as close-up footage of Burn appeared with his head in his hands, fans noticed he was missing a finger on his right hand.

While many football fans were aware of this fact, it was news to many.

Why does Dan Burn have a finger missing?

But what’s the story behind it? As a big, tough defender it’s easy to assume that it was a football-related injury.

But you’d be wrong.

While he’s never actually spoken about it, according to the Free Library it happened when he was just 13.

Burn was wearing a ring when he attempted to climb a fence with spikes on it (we can only assume to retrieve a football!) However, the ring got caught in a spike and completely ripped off the finger.


Southampton v Newcastle United - Premier League

That must have been a horrific moment for the youngster and, while it may not have impacted his football career directly, he deserves an enormous amount of credit to bounce back from that day.

Back to Stamford Bridge and, after the match, Burn was asked about that elbow from Havertz. And he, like almost everyone else, thought it was a red card offence.

“I thought it was a sending off,” Burn told NUFCTV, “I can guarantee if it was the other way round I wouldn’t have been on the pitch.

“But the ref said because he was looking at the ball the whole time, that’s why it wasn’t (a red card).

“I thought it was a little bit naughty but he’s not given and he’s ended up scoring at the end so it’s cost us a little bit.

“We can’t complain about it too much. These are top quality players who can punish you in a second and that’s what happened.”

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