Scott Hall’s famous WWE Hall of Fame speech re-emerges online after tragic health news

Footage has re-emerged online of Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon’s WWE Hall of Fame speech as the 63-year-old is on life support following a series of heart attacks.

The heart attacks come after Hall underwent a hip replacement at the Wellstar Kennestone hospital near his home in Atlanta.

The WWE Hall-of-Famer suffered three heart attacks on Saturday as after his initial hip operation, Hall suffered a blood clot.

The clip shows Hall’s Hall of Fame speech where he quoted the famous line: “Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do”.

He started his speech by saying: “In my lifetime I have learned that hard work pays off, dreams come true.”

Hall’s short but powerful speech was met with cheers and applause from the audience at the 2014 Hall of Fame.

Hall first fought in WWE in the mid-1980s where he wrestled under the name of Razor Ramon. He then left to set up the New Order group with fellow wrestlers Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan but then retired in 2010.

However, Hall had his setbacks in his career with alcohol and prescription pills and once said he attended 12 rehabilitation centres.

Fellow wrestler Ashton Smith took to social media to say: “Really hoping Scott Hall pulls through. Razor Ramon my first hero.”

Another former wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page said: “Speedy recovery my brother.”

Famous former wrestler now turned actor Dwayne Johnson also offered his support to Hall. He tweeted: “Scott Hall, pulling for you my friend. Stay strong! We need the ‘bad guy’ back in the game.

The Rock and Hall shared the ring many times back in the early 2000s and put on some great matches throughout the years.

The two-time world champion made the odd appearances in the latter stage of his career and he was even scheduled to be at WrestleMania in Dallas this week.

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