Man Utd: Carlos Tevez's remarkable story about Wayne Rooney giving him a Lamborghini

Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez were formidable together during their time at Manchester United.

In an attacking trident that featured the great Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez wreaked havoc on defences in the Premier League and across Europe.

Tevez joined United from West Ham in the summer of 2007 and enjoyed a stellar first season at the club.

The Argentine’s 19 goals and seven assists across all competitions helped the Red Devils achieve a Premier League and Champions League double in 2007/08.

But despite scoring regularly and working brilliantly alongside Rooney and Ronaldo, Tevez was the butt of the jokes in the dressing room.

The reason? His car. Despite earning serious sums of money, Tevez didn’t invest in a luxury car before signing for United and instead drove to training in the Audi supplied by the club.

He was ridiculed for that – until Rooney stepped in and helped out his strike partner.

Rooney gaves Tevez his Lamborghini

“At Manchester United training, players would turn up with a Ferrari or a Lamborghini,” Tevez told ESPN, per Marca.

“Everyone, even the worst player, would have a Ferrari.

“I turned up in the Audi that the club gave you and they all bugged me about it, as if it was a Fiat 600.

“I spoke to Rooney and, the crazy guy that he is, he told me ‘take the Lamborghini’.

“I went, without registering, around Manchester with this car, he gave it to me.”

Well, that’s generosity in the extreme from Rooney – and also a tad crazy given that Tevez wasn’t insured on the car that was probably worth in excess of £200,000.

Tevez expanded on his relationship with the England legend at United, adding that he was a player that he really identified with due to the fact they share similar backgrounds.

“I identified a lot with him because of where he came from, a poor area of Liverpool,” the former Boca Juniors man said.

“He always fought for the ball as if it were his last, the same way I played.

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“I saw myself reflected in him.”

Tevez was certainly a fan favourite at United for a time, although he quickly became public enemy number one in the summer of 2009.

The tenacious striker bid farewell to Rooney and the rest of his teammates and joined bitter rivals Manchester City in what remains one of the Premier League’s most controversial transfers.

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