Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: Strongmen's entire body transformation for boxing

The change in routine, diet and everyday life when transforming your body from a strongman weightlifter to a boxer is always going to be a huge one.

In this case, Thor and Eddie Hall have both made the switch and the pair look unrecognisable as they prepare for their fight this weekend.

The Brit Eddie Hall is going up against Icelandic Thor Bjornsson on Saturday in Dubai, as they look to end their long-running feud and rivalry which will have transferred across from strongman events to boxing.

The fight is being dubbed the ‘World’s Strongest Fight’ and has actually been rescheduled; it was due to take place six months ago, but a horrible bicep injury for Hall meant it had to be rescheduled.

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Due to the sheer size of both men when competing in strongman events, both needed to shred any excess weight they could in order to become more agile. Thor, who starred in Game of Thrones as The Mountain, has taken this a bit more seriously and looks a completely new man.

Thor has cut down a quarter of his original body weight, going from 205kg to 145kg, and he actually said it’s the lightest he’s been since he was 10 years old.

He’s said the cutting, as well as the general boxing training, has been very intense, but if it’s to settle his long-standing beef with Hall, it’ll be worth it.

In comparison to before, Thor now eats five meals a day, and has had to cut down from his 10,000 calorie diet.

He had this to say about the differing diets: “Both diets are hard in different ways. The strongman diet is difficult because you have to eat a lot, but you are more flexible with eating nice food you like, for example you can cheat a bit more.

“With boxing it is more strict and clean and less food, so more hungry and can’t cheat. I can’t have chocolate or candy or ice cream as often.”

Similarly, Eddie Hall has significantly reduced his diet too, changing from a 16,000 calorie diet down to a 7,000 one in order to prepare for the fight.

He hasn’t cut as much weight as Thor, however, and currently weighs around 160kg, having lost roughly 40kg in the build-up.

Hall, and his fans alike, have been slandering Thor about his weight cut and highlighting how unhealthy it is, as well as how strange he looks. One Hall fan commented on Thor’s recent post: “He doesn’t look healthy at all, has he even slept this year as doesn’t look like it?!”

Eddie Hall and Thor
Eddie Hall and Thor

Another commented on a recent Hall post: “Thing is with your size and power will hurt him, he will have lost loads of power due to being faster.”

Thor does in fact have experience in the boxing ring, previously having three fights. On the flip side, Hall has never stepped in the ring and will be hoping his boxing debut coincides with some sweet revenge against his bitter rival.

This Saturday, March 19, Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson face up in a grudge boxing match in Dubai.

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