Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: The Beast sparring with Tyson Fury's cousin

Eddie Hall is making his boxing debut this weekend against fierce rival Hafthor Bjornsson, but he does have some in-ring experience when it comes to sparring.

The Beast has had some experience in the ring against top quality fighters, with sparring footage being found against a Fury.

Sadly it wasn’t against Tyson, or even Tommy, but it was against cousin Hughie.

The spar was originally for Hughie Fury to practise ahead of his bout for the world heavyweight championship against Joseph Parker.

Fury, however, lost said fight when Parker won in Manchester on September 23, 2017.

Now it’s all eyes on Hall, as his debut fight in a battle of giants against Hafthor Bjornsson takes place this weekend.

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From the footage, the former World’s Strongest Man was going toe-to-toe against the professional boxer, and this was five years ago.

Fury even said that Hall, unsurprisingly, “hits hard.”

The Beast will need to hit hard once again this weekend in order to take down his opponent Bjornsson.

Reflecting on the sparring session himself, Hall has been quoted saying: “I had a sparring bout with Hughie Fury and he only hit me two or three times within a minute and I wanted to get the f*** out of the ring.

“When you go up against a pro boxer, even getting hit with a slight jab is like being hit full on in the face by a normal person.

The Englishman is six inches smaller than the Icelandic Thor and has never fought officially, while his opponent has three bouts under his belt, winning once.

This fight can produce anything, however, and the two had an angry confrontation earlier this week.

They both squared up to each other before their teams had to pull them apart.

During the confrontation, Hall said: “Look at your eyes, they are f****** scared.

“F*** you.

“Step outside and I’ll f****** take you on.”

Both fighters even spat at each other as the adrenaline got to their heads.

This battle of giants will surely shake the earth as the two declare who is the greatest strongman out of them.

Dubbed “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History,” it will be a tasty watch for all boxing fans.

Even Game of Thrones fans will want to see how The Mountain will get on against one of England’s favourite stars.

The fight will take place on March 19 and is being held held at the Dubai City Free Tennis Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

The fight is expected to get underway at 9pm UK time.

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