Conor McGregor vs Jake Paul in UFC simulated

There has been a lot of talk recently surrounding Jake Paul switching from boxing to UFC so he can take on Conor McGregor.

In a UFC 4 game simulation, Boxing Fight Simulations on YouTube has shown us what we should expect from this fight if it happens in real life.

Paul’s character on the game is made a ‘boxing expert,’ good with his hands, while McGregor is an all-round fighter.

Paul does have the advantage in terms of height and weight, but has the same reach as McGregor.

Throughout the fight, the two opt to stand off a fair bit, throwing in an occasional kick and a few punches each round.

In the fifth round, McGregor right uppercuts Paul and proceeds to knock him out, giving the Irishman the win.

Would the actual fight pan out like this? We’re not sure, but it’s the most realistic approach to what could happen soon.

The Problem Child has pledged to McGregor that he will cut his weight to 175lb to fight on level terms.

On Twitter, Paul was hammering his nemesis and UFC president Dana White to let him fight McGregor.

He tweeted: “Dana White is begging for Diaz and Conor to fight for a third time

“They have fought at 170lb in both of their fights, I will fight Conor at 175lbs, no problem.

“Stop making excuses p******.”

White was recently on Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive. He is, of course, the brother of Jake.

The UFC president responded to Paul’s call out to fight McGregor, saying: “What’s your brother, six foot one, 210 pounds?

“Conor McGregor is 145, 155 pounds… there’s weight classes for a reason.”

Logan then said he doesn’t think Jake could make it down to 170 pounds, in which White carried on saying: “Yeah exactly, and it’s a stretch for Conor to fight at 170.

Apr 23, 2021; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; UFC president Dana White walks onto the stage during weigh-ins for UFC 261 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

“He fought Nate at ’70, that isn’t his f****** weight class, not even close.”

Unless Paul miraculously cuts his weight down to match McGregor, this fight looks unlikely to happen as White won’t let it.

For it to happen, a lot of money would probably have to be involved in order to sway White, and McGregor to give Paul the time of day.

Eternal MMA 64 takes place early Saturday morning. The prelims will be streamed live on GiveMeSport’s official Facebook page, while the main card will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass.

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