Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: Thor loses head & throws bottle during press conference

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall had to be kept apart at their most recent press conference for their crunch boxing fight on Saturday.

The two will try to end their feud in Dubai tomorrow evening, but there have been fireworks before the fight has even started.

They nearly came to blows earlier this week as the pair spat at each other as the Icelander was trying to finish his training session, so it was always going to be bitter at the pre-fight press conference.

The Beast mentioned Bjornsson’s mother at the press conference which led to a furious reaction from his rival.

The Game of Thrones star said: “Don’t ever f****** talk about my mother, you f****** a******.”

Thor then threw a drink at Hall, but the 34-year-old just sat there smiling, which perhaps would have annoyed Bjornsson even more.

Hall then responded saying: “I think this interview is over because Thor can’t control himself. See you Saturday.”

It just adds to the drama in what is expected to be a must-see fight this weekend as the two clearly don’t get along.

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Hall has, though, admitted that the confrontation in the gym earlier in the week was a set-up.

He said: “I was asked to go in and stir some s*** up and I did.

“Thor told the promoter that if I touched him, he was going to rip my face off.

“You wouldn’t come outside, you were chicken s***, I’d have ripped your head off.

“From where I’m from if someone wrong you, you sort it on the street. Unfortunately, you weren’t prepared to do that the other night.

“Because you’re a p****. You on the deck is all the satisfaction you need.”

The fighters were due to face off back in September, but Hall tore his bicep which forced the fight to be postponed until this weekend.

The pair’s bitter rivalry all began in 2017, when Bjornsson believed he was penalised unfairly when competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

The Brit won after it was ruled his rival “double dipped” during the Viking Press challenge, which means he bent his knees to push the weight higher.

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