Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: Combined weight of strongmen for boxing fight

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall weighed a combined 46 stone ahead of their six-round boxing match tomorrow evening.

Brit Hall weighed 22st 3lb, while Iceland’s Bjornsson tipped the scales at 23st 9lb, which meant that the two’s combined weight reached an incredible 46 stone.

It has been billed as The Heaviest Boxing Match In History and there is now proof it is the case.

The exhibition bout will be scored by judges, with knockouts being allowed, which isn’t always the case for exhibitions.

They will also compete in 12oz gloves, which is different to professional fighters as the usual gloves used are 10oz.

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Hall and Bjornsson were supposed to fight six months ago, but the British fighter had to pull out after tearing his bicep.

Arm-wrestler Devon Larratt took Hall’s place for the bout, but he was well beaten by The Mountain within a round.

The 34-year-old Hall has opted to do all of his preparation work in the gym so he has avoided the temptation of having any warm-up fights before he attempts to settle the score against Bjornsson.

Their bitter feud began during the 2017 World’s Strongest Man event when the Icelander bent his arms and legs during repetitions, which meant his reps were voided – with Hall going on to win the competition.

The Mountain suggested that he was cheated out of the competition and the two haven’t seen eye to eye ever since.

In fight week, the two had to be kept apart while Game of Thrones star Bjornsson was working out in the gym after Hall turned up to confront him.

They also had to be kept apart at the pre-fight press conference when Hall told his rival to make sure his mother quietened down.

That brought an angry response from The Mountain and the press conference was brought to a premature end.

You can expect fireworks on Saturday night if this week is anything to go by, and Hall is the bookmaker’s favourite, despite having less experience in the ring than his rival.

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