Steven Gerrard involved in awkward interview after Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal

  • Rob Swan
Steven Gerrard involved in incredibly awkward interview after Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal

Steven Gerrard was involved in an awkward post-match interview with BT Sport reporter Des Kelly after his Aston Villa side were beaten 1-0 by Arsenal on Saturday afternoon.

Bukayo Saka scored the only goal of the game midway through the first half as the Gunners boosted their hopes of securing a top-four finish.

Villa, meanwhile, remain ninth in the Premier League table.

Gerrard, who was appointed Villa boss in November 2021 and has done an impressive job so far, took issue with some of Kelly’s questions after the match, telling the reporter directly: “I actually thought your questions would be a little bit better”.

The Liverpool legend described his opinion of the game before Kelly said: “I don’t think you had a shot on target until right at the death…”

Gerrard said: “Yeah, that’s exactly how I described the game to you though, isn’t it? Not good enough first half and then improved in the second half.

“I thought the performance was a lot better second half, but well done for spotting that.”

Kelly laughed and said: “You’ve made a lot of progress but you’ve lost to Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, so there’s still that gap that you have to close…”

Gerrard interrupted and said: “Yeah, well done Des for recognising that. If you’d asked me that question I would say the league doesn’t lie and I’d say that Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United, West Ham, Wolves, at the moment, are ahead of us for a reason and there’s a gap.

“If we want to take one of those places, we’ve got to be positive, we’ve got to believe in it, we can’t be indecisive, we’ve got to go grab it off them and really believe in what we’re doing, keep learning, growing, getting support from up above.”

Rather sarcastically, he added: “But I do like the way you work those things out pretty quick…”

Kelly responded: “I think you’re aggressive in the interview and you should tell your players to do the same thing.”

Gerrard said: “I’ll tell you what I am in the interview, I’m emotional, I care, I don’t like getting beat… and I actually thought your questions would be a little bit more better, in all honesty. 

“No disrespect, Des, I’m not going to get personal but you’ve just said to me there’s a gap between Manchester United, City, blah blah… we know that.

“You also said we got one shot on target towards the end of the game, that’s how I described the game as well.”


The manager and reporter both clasped hands as the interview ended but there was certainly a lot of tension there for some reason.

Video: Gerrard’s post-match interview after Villa 0-1 Arsenal

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