Hafthor Bjornsson appears to mock Eddie Hall with slow-mo video

In what was deemed ‘The Heaviest Fight in History’, Hafthor Bjornsson knocked his opponent Eddie Hall down twice on his way to beating his fellow strongman on a points decision.

Both fighters seemed tentative in the early exchanges of the fight, with the Englishman looking superior – Thor himself has admitted to being kept up by the ropes when the referee administered a count.

The Mountain gained control of the fight as time progressed with the knockdowns ensuring a victory would come his way.

Prior to the fight, Thor placed a heavy emphasis on boxing technique and endurance and believed that his superior boxing skills would counter Eddie Hall’s brute strength and consequently win him the grudge match.

Eddie Hall questioned whether technique would matter that much when both men weighed a combined 600lbs.

During the weigh in, the Englishman suggested that his heavier approach going into the fight will increase his power and ease closer to a stoppage that he had previously promised.

Thor has taken to his social media accounts to mock Eddie Hall post-fight. His posts were captioned, “I guess technique DOES matter. Who knew,” accompanied by an emoji of someone shrugging their shoulders and a slow-mo clip of him dropping The Beast.


Many have questioned the difference in preparation in the lead up to the fight, with Thor opting to take three warm-up bouts over the last two years, against Steven Ward and Simon Vallily.

A hastily-arranged victory over arm-wrestler Devon Larratt also occurred in replacement of Thor and Eddie’s previous date – this fight was ruled out when Hall had torn a bicep.

Alternatively, Hall decided not to have warm-up bouts and shared minimal footage of his training and preparation on social media.

After the fight, Thor admitted that his rival carried significant power and said that this worried him.

“He put up a hell of a battle. I’d never been dropped in training so he really can punch hard. But today I believe boxing technique won.”

A rematch was always going to be on the cards regardless of the result and both fighters have elicited a desire for this with Thor expressing that it wouldn’t be a problem.

“But I’m happy – if he wants the rematch, I’ll take a rematch, no problem.”

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