Darts: Jamie Hughes miscounts when on a 9-darter in bizarre moment

The standard of darts players is rising with every month and, thus, nine-darters are being hit with more regularity.

But they are still a great achievement and it’s still great viewing whenever one is hit.

There were three nine-darters hit in this weekend’s pair of Players Championship events.

Josh Rock and Joe Cullen both achieved the perfect leg at Players Championship 5, while Danny Noppert hit one on Players Championship 6.

Jamie Hughes had a brilliant opportunity to hit the fourth of the weekend.

The Tipton thrower opened up the sixth leg of his first round clash against Alan Souter with a 180, before following that up with a 177.

But, with his third visit to the board in the leg, disaster struck, And in extremely bizarre fashion.

Hughes suffered an unfortunate miscount as he believed he had 141 left instead of 144.

After pinning T20 with his first dart, the 35-year-old then aimed for T19, which he ended up hitting.

Hughes then aimed for D12 but then realised that he had accidentally left 27 rather than 24.

It made for both comical and heartbreaking viewing and you can view the moment below…

Hughes’ face when he realised what he had just done was priceless.

The 35-year-old initially looked gutted but he soon had a smile on his face. Soutar too couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Paul Nicholson was commentating on the game and his thoughts on the incident were brilliant.

After Hughes hit T19, Nicholson said with disbelief: “He’s miscounted! Jamie Hughes! What have you done! You silly boy! And you know you are going to be on YouTube for a week with this effort. What have you done there!

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Even the referee is flummoxed. Alan Soutar is flummoxed thinking ‘Jamie Hughes, bow your head in shame.’ If only he had D12 left!”

Hughes’ miscount did not matter as he managed to compose himself and eventually won the leg on D1.

He won the match 6-5 before losing to Jonny Clayton in the final 64.

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