Charles Leclerc's helmet cam during Max Verstappen battle at Bahrain GP

Sunday’s F1 season opener was remarkable for so many reasons, but the new helmet camera on the drivers may be one of the best things to come out of the race.

The new camera this season sits inside the drivers’ helmet and gives viewers a realistic view of what drivers can (or can’t, by the looks of it) see during the race.

In a clip recently shared by F1, we see Charles Leclerc’s view point when he battled to keep his lead against current champion Max Verstappen.

The pair battled a couple of laps for the lead, Max taking the lead thanks to DRS into turn one—only for Charles to retake the lead at turn four each time.

You can see Leclerc frantically checking his mirrors as they go down the home straight, you see Max fly past your right eye. As they come out the first turn, with Max in the lead, the pace of the Ferrari shows as the Red Bull is unable to pull away and Charles can slip past Max into turn four.

The eventual race winner Leclerc told media outlets after the race that he was braking late into turn one, allowing Max to take the lead, ensuring he would have DRS up the hill, towards Turn 4.

Max suffered an engine failure near the end of the race to finish with zero points in his first race as champion. To further add to Red Bull misery, Sergio Perez seemed to suffer a similar issue as he spun out and lost his place on the podium as well.

Ferrari, in comparison, were over the moon as they secured their first 1-2 since Singapore 2019.

If that first race was anything to go by, then we are in for a treat this season as Ferrari look to turn back the years. We also can’t wait to see more of the drivers’ point of view videos throughout this season.

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