Mike Tyson, 55, is looking in incredible shape right now

Despite being aged 55 these days, Mike Tyson is still keeping himself in incredible shape.

A recent picture has emerged on Twitter showing the world just how well ‘Iron’ Mike is still looking after his body.

Post-retirement can often be a rough time for athletes and in particular boxers. They live such a famed, lavish lifestyle while they are in their peak and fighting at the top, but when you slip down the ladder and eventually retire, it can be a bit of a grim change.

Mike Tyson himself has spoken about this before on his podcast ‘Hotboxin’.

When speaking to other former fighters on the show, they converse about feeling small and weak after their careers have ended. Mike specifically talks about how he feels a shadow of his former self and that if the old him could see the current him he’d be embarrassed.

Perhaps because of this, Mike has always taken it upon himself to keep in excellent shape.

Having been retired since 2005, it seems every few months there are new photos out there of him and his unbelievable physique.

Most 55-year-old retired boxers may have let themselves go somewhat, not Mike, though.

Back in 2020, he had an exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr, which ended in a draw, and some boxing fans out there are hoping for a match-up between Tyson and a newcomer to the scene.

There has been quiet rumours around that there may be a fight lined up for Mike Tyson in YouTuber Jake Paul – who seems to be calling out every relevant fighter on the planet at the moment.

Tyson seemed surprised by these claims, though, saying: “I was with him in St Barts not too long ago partying and he never told me this.”


He was also asked how much it would take for him to fight Paul, to which he replied: “A billion bucks.”

Perhaps Jake Paul will have to start saving if he’s to fight arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and for now, ‘Iron’ Mike will be happy to continue focusing on him and his post-retirement training schedule.

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