Jesse Lingard once rinsed Marcus Rashford for chatting to Neymar about the weather

Lingard just had to rinse Rashford when he learnt about his hilariously dull chat with Neymar

Marcus Rashford once had a very uninteresting conversation with Neymar in the tunnel before England took on Brazil in an international friendly back in 2017.

The 24-year-old was seen in the Wembley tunnel chatting to the Paris Saint-Germain star before both teams entered the playing field.

And while many might have thought they were talking about something more glamorous, like their boots or what life is like living in Paris, it seemed their chat pertained mainly to the weather.

I mean, what would you say to the world’s most expensive player?

Most of us would be starstruck to even be stood next to the Paris Saint-Germain superstar.

Rashford has now made 46 appearances for England, scoring 12 goals for his country and, at such a young age, has already rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s greatest footballing talents.

After the incident, the Manchester United striker caught a bit of flack from his teammate, Jesse Lingard, who, in an FATV Q&A, jested with Rashford about his riveting conversation with the former Barcelona striker.

Recounting the incident, Lingard was asked what the Englishman and the Brazilian spoke about in the tunnel at Wembley.

He was given three options to pick from; A) the weather, B) London nightlife or C) Nike boots.

Thinking hard on his decision Lingard goes with option C) Nike boots.

But he quickly realises he’s wrong and goes back on his decision, saying: “No, no, no, no, no, no. The weather? The weather?!”

Jesting with his teammate, he then performs a hilarious imitation of Rashford’s conversation with the Brazilian, saying: “You alright Neymar you good yeah, sunny ‘innit’?”

Take a look at the hilarious exchange below…

Brilliant from Lingard.

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What did Rashford really say to Neymar?

As reported by The Mirror, we now have the full transcript of their chat and it is captivating stuff.

Neymar: “[Are you] good?”

Rashford: “Yeah. How long have you been here?”

Neymar: “Tomorrow.”

Rashford: “You go?”

Neymar: “Yeah.”

Rashford: “It’s cold!”

Neymar: “Today is.”

Rashford: “It’s not so bad today. Usually, it’s…”

Neymar: “I don’t like the cold.”

Rashford [laughing]: “It’s not for you, eh?”

Neymar [laughs]: “No, it’s so cold!”

Exciting conversation, huh?

And four years after their Q&A session, Lingard still hadn’t let Rashford forget about his chat with Neymar, winding his teammate up in another interview in 2021.

He says to Rashford: “I was thinking, it’s a night game, isn’t it, so you wouldn’t have said it was sunny.

“You’d have gone, ‘Ney, Ney, freezing ‘innit’. Wembley’s cold ‘innit’ Ney.”

After all this time Lingard still can’t get over Rashford chatting about the weather.

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