Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool: Every 2022/23 Premier League kit leak so far

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Manchester United, Liverpool and more have all had some of their kit designs for the 2022/23 season leaked to the world.

As we gradually wave goodbye to the 2021/22 campaign and look forward to another year of footballing action in the Premier League, the inevitable releases of new kits are starting to peer over the horizon.

With the exception of Brentford, who are taking the old-fashioned approach of carrying over their current home shirt, the 20 Premier League clubs will all be sporting fresh threads for the upcoming season.

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And while little tweaks and changes to jerseys might be lost on some supporters, the simple fact of the matter is that the slightest of design choices could be the difference between thousands or millions of fans splashing out on it.

Besides, you only have to look at instances of football shirt magic like Ajax’s ‘Three Little Birds’ design to see that getting the annual switch-ups spot on can see merchandise flying off the shelves.

So, it’s no wonder that fans are always intrigued to get ahead of the game by looking out for football kit leaks that give them an early insight into what design their club might be making iconic.

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Let’s start easy: What was Tottenham’s old ground called?

2022/23 Premier League kit leaks so far

And although there are still a few months to go before the new 2022/23 releases are confirmed, the kit experts over at Footy Headlines seldom put a foot wrong when it comes to giving fans the heads up.

With a formidable track record of calling how future jerseys will look, they’re the perfect source through which we can present to you the 2022/23 Premier League kits that have been leaked so far.

Be sure to check out their incredible bank of 2022/23 leaks overall and keep scrolling to see what information has spilled out on next season’s Premier League jerseys at the time of writing:



Oh mama. Adidas have dropped yet another beauty for Arsenal with their retro vibes cutting a beautiful collar along with the endlessly-aesthetically-pleasing cocktail of red and white.


It’s known for certain that Arsenal’s away kit will largely be black with a leaked lifestyle product indicating that the retro cannon logo could be recalled along with orange-golden trimmings.


For the first time in their history, Arsenal will wear a pink kit as they take on the same shade as Inter Miami’s jersey from their debut season. The accent colour is hitherto unknown.



The all-blue template is classic Chelsea, but it’s the turquoise lion pattern on the white collar, which some fans have compared to children’s crayon scribblings, that takes us out of it.


Much better. Rendered images show the away kit incorporating the same lion pattern in far classier style with four teal hoops on a white background making for a case of ‘so far, so good’.


While the current snaps are only FIFA Kit Creator projections based on the leaked information, it’s hard to imagine Nike’s attempts to mix ‘Sesame’ gold with black and orange will look much better in person…



Sometimes keeping things simple is better. We’re quite fond of the shade of red on display here in a Nike design that, overall, is too unadventurous to either love or hate.


A stunner with kit of the season potential. With each new projected image, Liverpool‘s upcoming iridescent design with blue and light purple marble swirls on a white template looks better and better.


Little is known about Liverpool’s alternate strip compared to their home and away kits, but it will most likely marry a light grey base with purple applications and black logos. Promising early signs.

Manchester City

Home, away and third

The ‘big six’ club with the fewest leaks at this stage is undoubtedly City, but it looks as though Puma are harking back to some classic kits, including the iconic red and black combination, based on the early indications.

Manchester United


Another retro-style Adidas home shirt decked out with a collar and it might be even better than Arsenal’s as the classic three-stripe shoulders in black and encased club badge lift it to a different level.


Sadly, far less is known about United‘s away kit other than the fact that it will return to the club’s classic colours by featuring black and red – this time a cherry shade – applications on a white template.


Goodness me. While the images are only projections at this stage, the “Semi Solar Slime” and navy combination with a chevron zig-zag pattern looks like a recipe for a fashion disaster.

Tottenham Hotspur


A superb design. The classic, clean and smart white background of any Tottenham home shirt is effortlessly complimented by a navy collar and sleeves with a striking ‘volt’ stripe through them.


They’ve done it again. Another kit of the season contender here because the ‘volt’ collar shines on the navy shoulders that perfectly shake hands with the bluey-purple background.


It’s still early days for Spurs’ third kit, but it looks as though Nike are toning things down a little this season with white logos and black applications poised to sit upon a dark turquoise base.

Which designs catch your eye?

So, there you have it, are you happy or unhappy with your club’s upcoming designs – or are you, in fact, a neutral eyeing up what might be the finest kit of all for the 2022/23 season?

Obviously, leaked designs can change and evolve as more information makes it out of the manufacturers, so try not to get too emotional about the threads your players might be wearing just yet.

But for better or for worse depending on how you view the leaked designs, Footy Headlines are always there or thereabouts when it comes to predicting how Premier League jerseys will look upon release.

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As such, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any more Premier League and global leaks that make it out to ensure that you get a good idea about how you might want to spend your hard-earned cash.

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