Roy Keane savaged reporter whose phone started ringing at Ipswich in 2009

  • Kobe Tong

Roy Keane doesn’t suffer any fools.

The Manchester United legend gathered a fearsome reputation across his time in the Premier League for a combative style of play in midfield as well as a no-nonsense brand of leadership.

It was an all-or-nothing philosophy that saw Keane get the very best out of United’s players, serving as Sir Alex Ferguson’s commander-in-chief on the pitch as the club churned out trophy after trophy.

Keane’s hardcore attitude

The simple fact of the matter is that Keane’s attitude worked an absolute treat for his own and the team’s goals, allowing him to bow out of the sport with a legacy that arguably hasn’t been matched to this day.

And it was an approach that the Irishman took into his managerial career with recent months having sparked a lot of debate surrounding his foray into coaching amid Sunderland speculation.

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Truth be told, Keane’s record in the technical area is a solid one, but there are understandable doubts surrounding his soft skills when a number of formers players have admitted that he wasn’t their cup of tea.

However, the one thing you can’t accuse Keane of is not standing by his values because they run through every professional asset of his life whether that’s in the public domain or behind closed doors.

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Keane makes short work of a reporter

After all, you only have to ask one reporter who covered Keane’s time as Ipswich Town manager to know that’s the case due to an infamous moment that took place in a 2009 press conference.

Like we say, Keane didn’t just keep his no-holds-barred approach within the four walls of the dressing room because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind when said reporter’s phone started ringing.

With the conversation centring around Thierry Henry’s handball against the Republic of Ireland, you can see the moment that Keane’s expression drops when the ring tone can be heard playing out loud.

It was apparently the second time that the phone had gone off during the press conference and what happened next was a frosty exchange with Keane that no reporter would want to be involved in.

“Whose phone is that?” Keane asked. “That’s the second time it’s gone off. Why don’t you turn it off? It’s the second time that it’s gone off. Why don’t you put it on silent? Why don’t you turn it off?

“You’re just going to let it ring? Oh, right, that’s good manners.”

Turn your phone off around Keane

Sheesh imagine being on the receiving end of that from one of the most feared figures in football.

Now, don’t get it twisted, it’s easy to see why Keane was frustrated because people’s phones going off at inappropriate times is certainly something that can grind on one’s gears from time to time.

And when you consider that it was the second time in the presser and the reporter seemed to indicate that they would just let their phone ring, you can understand why Keane was feeling miffed.

Football – Ipswich Town v West Bromwich Albion Carling Cup Quarter Final – Portman Road – 10/11 – 1/12/10 Ipswich Town manager Roy Keane Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Peter Cziborra

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the exchange makes you want to squirm any less because there are few people in the beautiful game that you want to avoid annoying more than Keane.

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