Reports Reveal FIFA Franchise Set to Change Name to EA Sports FC

FIFA 22 Kylian Mbappe

There has been a lot of news surfacing around the future of the FIFA gaming franchise and its title name, and the latest reports suggest it could be called EA Sports FC in the future.

The issues surrounding the football game being called ‘FIFA’ has arisen due to the fact that developers EA Sports do not want to pay football organisation FIFA for the name.

Current game FIFA 22 has been very enjoyable, and EA Sports have released more content than ever in the hugely popular game mode Ultimate Team.

This possible name change is huge news, as the gaming industry has known the football franchise to be called FIFA for over two decades.

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Jeff Grub Reveals FIFA Franchise Will Change Name to EA Sports FC

With a name change causing a lot of rumours to surface across the internet and social media, we have been waiting for more information from reliable people, and this has finally come.

Reliable gaming journalist Jeff Grubb has revealed this huge news around the FIFA Franchise on website VentureBeat.

Grubb believes that FIFA just wants money for the FIFA name, and due to this, EA wants to move on permanently from the partnership. With this in mind, the developers have already trademarked the name ‘EA Sports FC’.

According to Grubb, FIFA has now updated its trademark in Europe. This new trademark from FIFA has details which are specific to video games. The development over the last week is the biggest sign that they will be changing their name to ‘EA Sports FC’.

FIFA 22 Kylian Mbappe PSG

With this new trademark, EA Sports will not be wanting to pay FIFA any unnecessary money. With them being the biggest football gaming franchise on the planet, they will be able to change names and keep their fan base.

The move does make sense, and it isn’t a shock to see EA Sports think about money as their Ultimate Team game mode made $1.623 billion last year.

This is obviously big news, and when more is revealed and confirmed, we will be providing all the latest updates as soon as we can.

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