Roy Keane once upset lifeguards during Sunderland water park trip

Roy Keane’s spell in charge of Sunderland was full of interesting moments.

In his autobiography, Keane told the story of how he went in goal during a training session. He paid £1,000 to any player who could score past him, while he would receive £100 from any player who missed.

“I tipped a few on to the bar, on to the post, and I kept a clean sheet,” Keane recalled.

The Manchester United icon took over at the Stadium of Light in 2006 in what was his first managerial role.

He was in charge for just over two years, during which time he led Sunderland to the Premier League.

But the Irishman decided to step down following a poor run of form in 2008.

Keane’s light-hearted side

The success he had in his first experience as a manager suggested he might enjoy a lengthy career on the touchline, but he’s since settled into a punditry role.

Keane regularly displays his ruthless side when he’s in the studio, and we’re sure he ranted and raved at his players in the dressing room, too.

But Keane’s players often saw a different side to the retired midfielder; a light-hearted side that when you hear about it, you simply don’t think it can be the same person who regularly complains about footballers on Sky Sports. 

Take the time he took his Sunderland squad to a water park in Portugal and acted like a big kid, running around and enjoying the slides.

Keane ‘acted like a kid’ at water park

Back in 2018, former Sunderland striker Chris Brown told the story of a squad trip to a water park in Albufeira, and it’s simply hilarious.

“On the last day, or second to last day, he’s taken us to a water park,” Brown said on the Undr The Cosh podcast. “Grown men at a water park.

“We had half an hour and then the novelty wears off doesn’t it? So we just sat on the lounges and we see Keane… they’re getting to the bottom of these slides, running to the top again and going straight back down.

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“He was the biggest kid out of the lot of us. One of the most decorated Premier League players and he’s running around an Albufeira water park with a rubber ring.

“Him and Tony Loughlan, his assistant, they just sprinted everywhere, like kids.”

What an image that must’ve been.

Keane’s fun didn’t stop there, though. He wanted to get his squad involved in the laughs.

Brown added: “At the end he’s gone, ‘right lads, I want you to get thrown out. All of you get down that slide at the same time.’

“And we were like, ‘right, sound!’

“So the whole squad have just launched themselves down this slide and he’s at the bottom p***ing his pants.

“About seven lifeguards come with a whistle. ‘Out, out!’

“We were getting led out of this water park. He’s in stitches, laughing.”


We’re still doubtful that this really is the same Keane who regularly rants on Sky Sports – maybe the current Keane we see on TV is a twin or something.

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