Vanuatu 46-0 Micronesia: The incredible story of the world record win

Do you remember when Vanuatu under-23s beat Micronesia 46-0 at the 2015 Pacific Games?

We’ll forgive you if you don’t.

But we wanted to bring that crazy match to your attention seven years on because it’s quite an incredible story.

The story of the match in question was recently posted on Reddit/Soccer and it’s been getting plenty of attention.

Let’s take you through it.

Vanuatu went into their final group stage match of the Pacific Games needing to win by at least 38 goals.

Micronesia had previously lost 30-0 to Tahiti and 38-0 to Fiji.

Vanuatu achieved their aim, going 38-0 up after 66 minutes before winning 46-0. Their job was done and they set a new record for the biggest win in an international football match.

But, rather hilariously, it was all in vain as Tahiti and Fiji played out a 0-0 draw meaning Vanuatu finished third and failed to qualify for the semi-finals.


The highlights of that 46-0 victory are rather incredible to watch.

VIDEO: Highlights of Micronesia 0-46 Vanuatu

You probably won’t see a more one-sided match in your life.

But let’s not all point and laugh at Micronesia.

According to the Micronesian team Wikipedia page, it was actually many of the players’ first time on an 11-a-side football pitch. Many of the squad had never left their village before, let alone their respective islands. It’s probably no surprise they were slightly overawed by the occasion.

After conceding 114 goals in three matches, many of the players decided they wanted to become goalkeepers. Why? Because their goalkeeper was cheered by the stadium every time he made a save.

International media dubbed Micronesia ‘the worst side ever’ but the players received a good welcome upon their return home and they were praised for their attitude despite the heavy defeats.


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