Nate Diaz slapping Conor McGregor mid-fight at UFC 202

  • Zak Leech

After a celebrity fallout that has been all over the news, the 94th Academy Awards has gone down in history for all the wrong reasons.

But Will Smith’s forehand slap on Chris Rock looked all too familiar.

With this being said, we’ve decided to look back at when Nate Diaz also decided to become ‘a vessel for love’ and give Conor McGregor similar treatment.

Always willing to put on a show, the ‘Stockton Slap’ is a move the Diaz brothers continually display in their fights. Its name derives from their hometown of Stockton, California. 

The effectiveness of the move is questionable, but Nate Diaz has revealed that it has more of a psychological effect, to off balance and humiliate his opponent. 

Crediting itself to Nate Diaz’s unorthodox style of fighting, it allows the Stockton Slugger to get into the face and the mind of his opponent, forcing them to make mistakes after being humiliated by his taunts.

A prime example of the technique was at UFC 202, when fighting Conor McGregor, Diaz displayed the slap and followed it up by pointing and laughing at his opponent.

As you can imagine, this is followed by both an enraged and confused McGregor. The use of the slap has completely puzzled his opponent.

It’s safe to say UFC fans enjoyed the moment, however, and have enjoyed revisiting it on Reddit over the past few days.

McGregor isn’t the only one who has fallen victim to the Stockton Slap. Famed fighters such as Michael Johnson, Leon Edwards and Anthony Pettis have all been on the end of one of UFC’s most infamous moves, and even through victory, haven’t quite been able to live it down.

With Nate Diaz requesting to be released by the UFC, it is unknown when the ‘Stockton slap’ will next be utilised. But, after an impressive recreation at the Oscars, the slap has been pulled from the UFC Octagon and etched itself into popular culture, well, for a few days at least.

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