PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox and Mobile: Who are the strongest gamers?

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Gamers tend to be regarded as having quick mental strength and stamina when it comes to marathon sessions in front of their consoles or PC, but which gamers are statistically the strongest physically?

Buzz Bingo recently conducted a survey to see if the myth of gamers being ‘weak’ when it comes to physical activity was actually true. 

Whilst the results might be surprising to some, there are clear winners when it comes to the gamers that were part of the test.

Here’s everything you need to know about the results of the survey testing which gamers were physically the strongest.

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PlayStation Spartacus

Strongest Gamers 

According to the survey conducted by Buzz Bingo, PlayStation gamers are the fittest out of the players surveyed.

Reportedly, 45% of PlayStation gamers claimed that they went to the gym at least once a week, whereas only 8.6% of Nintendo Switch users revealed that they hit the gym.

The survey also found that 60% of the gamers tested were good at pull-ups and could do over 30 in 1 minute, as opposed to only 5% of Switch gamers who could pull off the same.

The testing also revealed that 44% of PlayStation gamers could hold a plank for over 3 minutes, compared to only 8% of the Nintendo Switch gamers surveyed and 10% of the mobile gamers that were surveyed.

Interestingly, PlayStation gamers actually also topped the list for players who used their consoles most frequently. 36% of the PlayStation gamers surveyed confirmed that they played every single day.

Out of those gamers who revealed that they played every day across Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and ‘Other,’ 55.8% were male and 44% were female.

The survey also confirmed the following with regards to the actual strength of players: “Mobile gamers admitted that the sit-up was their nemesis with 28.97% followed closely by push up (26.79%) and plank (25.23%). 

“For other gamers, the bench press was the least favourite with 5.62%. Although the push-up and pull up were favourites among the PlayStation gamers, this definitely wasn’t the case for Nintendo Switch gamers, with 16.07% and 16.18%, respectively.”

Of course, the information gathered by the survey only takes a select number of gamers as part of the poll, and tests with a wider amount of players may yield different results.

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